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here is a whole lotta schtuff!!

here is a whole lotta schtuff!!

ok, so i am a little behind.. this is a total CATCH UP blog post.. so bear with me!!–i am going to start with last week's webshow- i have been meaning to slow down long enough to take a few photos, so you could see what i've been up to! (seems like a blur!)

SO- last week, i shared 4 different books for Father's Day! usually- we are so far behind the 8 ball when it comes to some of these holidays.. that by the time we are showing off some ideas, it's too late to create! SO, this time, we were more than 1 month early!! this should be PLENTY of time to come up with something amazing! or at least get you thinking- sometimes that is the most important part of the creative process! SO, if you click HERE you can watch last weeks webshow, and see the 4 different books! 2 of them are House of 3 Exclusives- hybrid at it's best!

#1: WE LOVE DAD kit.. this was introduced last year, and is an AWESOME project that helps you tell dad all the things you love about him… could be any number from 1-10, and of course you can print any size. this is a TEMPLATE kit, which means that you add in the papers and colors from your stash.  CLICK HERE TO check it out… it's $9.99. i LOVE this project! 


i just filled it w/ great photos that capture my kid's father! he is a great dad!

#2   The World's Greatest Dad! i love this kit cause i think it can translate to so many different "world's greatest" things/people! i love it!! this kit has 8 different flaps that have this "world map" vibe (one is no pictured below, but you can see it on the site)…plus 2 sheets of extras and a cover that is basically DONE! this could be a mini-book, or a tribute album, or even an over-achiever card! i snapped some quick photos of my kids, and plan on having them write in their own words, and their own handwriting WHY they think their dad is the "world's greatest".. you can pick the "world's greatest" kit up HERE! 


(i just realized that i left one of the pages off…there are really 8 flaps)

again, check out the WEBSHOW from May 12, 2010 to see how i put this book together! this is one that you don't have to put a ton of time, or tons of supplies into- it's more about the heart and thought! so worth it!

OK. that was last week!!!
 THIS WEEK was our Silhouette BLING (Rhinestone) show…and we had a blast! you can check the archived recording here... man, if you missed the LIVE show, you missed OUT cause it was FUN and FUNNY!! we had Chris Mickelson from Silhouette here, and he was just as cute as could be- and was a GOOD SPORT! it's SO WORTH watching! when you check out what you can do w/ your Silhouette + their heat-set rhinestones.. you will freak! i love it! here are a couple projects i created in the last couple of days:

i made this for a non-girly soccer star that i know- no pink, but she likes BLING! and how about some shorts to match——you will die when you see how EASY this is to create!!


this is for QUINCY – i am giving it to her to document her summer… AND to whip out every time i hear "mom, i'm bored":

i just created all these elements: "super star" and the other words are now available in the Silhouette store! i used the pink and green vinyl (as you can see, duh).. but i LOVE the self-adhesive aspect of this. check it out- i put this 'peace' bling right on top of the vinyl! so cute. the peace is my favorite! i liked stamping on the vinyl w/ the Archival Ink w/ my texture stamps (from Tattered Angels).

SWITCHING GEARS to the FUTURE of what i am working on!! for the next couple of weeks, we are going to focus on some more "guy-ish" products on the site, and boy-worthy projects: cool, tough, rugged, grungy and fAB! here is a peek at some new papers that i designed my little self, and will be showing more ideas with! they are perfect for all the boys in my house (we are actually out-numbered here!)

i love this- it's a totally hybrid page… which i LOVE

here are SOME of the elements…it also comes in an OLIVE green- it totally jives w/ the following Glimmer Mist colors:

Olive Vine

Coffee Shop

Electric Blue

Square punch
i love these photos! i can't wait to show you what i have added to this to finish it off. + a few others. i am working on a really cool book as well as some sketches that will help you create page layouts from 8 1/2 x 11 printable pages! SO COOL!



we have been working with Pink Paislee, and put together some of their stuff, and some of our stuff, and Janet, Rhonna and i are putting together a class just for YOU! tons of Pink Paislee ideas!

so SAVE THE DATE: next WEDNESDAY May 26. 7pm MST.

go HERE and get the kit… and we'll play together! 

the kit that is available is a $50 retail value for $35 BUCKS! sweet deal…….. you might want to grab THIS  and THESE.

OK….yes… you have made it to the END of the monstrously long blog post!  good job! 

i will leave you tonight, with one last link………..if you remember i shared a couple of really fun- bright, colorful projects right before i left for Australia. i designed a few projects for a SASSY little company called "Little BLACK Dress"

this is a FANTASTIC kit. i LOVED working with it! they have posted a whole bunch more photos of each of the cute projects!   these are some of my very favorite projects that i have created lately! i LOVE the table top album! and that is SUCH a great layout of QUINCY.


thanks and GOOD NIGHT!!!

(whew, all caught up!)

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