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HeyTell on 'Tech-yTuesday'

HeyTell on 'Tech-yTuesday'


Well, it’s just right past midnight, but I just have to share with you my newest ‘Techy Tuesday Tip’… so this one I owe to my brother… he told me about it, and I am not even sure what brought it up!? i just tend to ask everyone what apps they are into at the moment!  SO, really- it’s just kinda like turning your iphone into a walkie-talkie… they call it ‘instant voice messaging’.

The name of the app is “HeyTell” – you don’t need any special accounts, but everyone that you want to use it with also needs the app (it’s free). And it delivers really fast!

I think that it’s nice for when you have more to say than you really want to type; or maybe you are in a situation where you can’t type (one hand or something)…and sometimes it’s just nice to have the ‘tone’ of voice!

So, Eric was traveling internationally, and having some really huge phone bills in the past, we decided to try to only email, or use facetime on wifi etc… I mean, there are a lot of ways to get around it- and this included! So this was kinda like talking on the phone, where we could say more than you really can in a text, but it’s still free and fun!

The other time that I like it when you are having a ‘texting’ convo with multiple people- that way, everyone can be in on it, everyone can talk and hear at the same time.

So check it out, it’s kinda fun, and I think that the voice messages are even funner to get than a text sometimes!

Although, it’s hard to beat texting… I love it.

i also whipped up a cute thank you card for my friends at Bo Bunny… i am SO thankful to them for sponsoring the upcoming Mouse, Paper, Scissors MOM class… i have been so inspired by the Gabrielle Collection of papers, and i just love the projects!

thanks again to Bo Bunny!


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