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ho ho ho!!

ho ho ho!!

good morning and HAPPY MONDAY!

last night it snowed about 3-4 inches here, and the world is just beautifully blanketed with snow. the kids were out for hours having a snow ball fight!! i just have to admit, that there is something so exciting about a good hard snow storm. this morning, the sky is blue-and it's COLD outside! 

the cold snowy weather is JUST in TIME for Christmas stuff at House of 3!! brace yourself… there is SO MUCH holiday goodness that will just knock your socks off!! i love it all… there is certainly something for everyone! 


i stole this little fabulous inspiration off Rhonna's blog… doesn't it just DELIGHT?? i love the old postcards mixed with the fanciful vintage designs…love the fun colors that all these kits offer and even the SIMPLICITY of these printable gift tags all ready to go!!  and there are 2 new background kits that i have been playing with… this is the stuff that make Christmas fun for me! have i mentioned that Rhonna is a genius!!? love it.

am i the only one freaking out that it's thanksgiving?? i think that i have just been working so hard… so focused on everything except thanksgiving…that i just don't feel like i have been mentally prepared for this harsh realitY!!  but i LOVE thanksgiving! lots to do. lots to do!

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