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home decor say hello to color shine

home decor say hello to color shine

you won’t get a more stark difference between today’s Color Shine project, and the one from yesterday! Both SO beautiful and happy! both creative and wonderful… that’s what is amazing about Color Shine… the possibilities are truly endless. Just feast your eyes on this FABULOUS decorative piece created my Media Team member Jamie Pate. This is SO ‘Jamie’… everything from the soft colors and vintage feminine vibe… to the beautiful reminder to be ‘grateful’.  Take a look:


Paper products and embellishments are such great medium for creating home decor. I love to take what would ‘normally’ find it’s way on a scrapbook page and turn it into a piece for my home instead. And I love for home decor pieces to serve a purpose as well, in my home. You will see what I mean in a minute.

So when I was given an assignment to do a home decor piece and to highlight Color Shine I was more than excited to get the creativity moving and marry the beauty of the ‘Shine’ with home decor.

For today’s project I started with an unfinished shadowbox frame. I painted it with an off-white acrylic craft paint. I knew I was going to be using the Vintage Chic pattern paper collection, so the frame needed to stay neutral. And that way too, the Color Shine could do what it does best…shine.

Gold Lame and Tinsel were the go to colors for this project. As you can see, I used a couple of stencils, laid them on the frame, and sprayed the Tinsel first, and then the Gold Lame on top of that. I let the Gold be a bit more splattery (yes…it’s a word) to add some shine as well as texture to the painted wood. I absolutely love the results. The possibilities are endless with the Color Shine. The color is so amazingly intense and works so very well with stencils and masks.

The rest of the piece went together same as any layout would…only 3D style. I added the Beautiful Songs pattern paper to the back of the shadow box. Using the Tinsel Color Shine I added color  the Color Magic Banner Delights and attached two of them using dimensional adhesive. I added some pearls and seam binding dyed with the Gold Lame Color Shine.

Using the ‘grateful’ file from the Gratitude digital kit, I cut out the word on white textured card stock, then misted it with Tinsel and attached it to the top outer part of the frame. This makes for a great dimensional effect. And not only that, I love that this piece sits out in our front room at the end of the stairs, to remind us all to be grateful for all that we have. I love when home decor pieces have a purpose too.

Lastly I layered a Flower Trimmings with tulle and notched banners and more seam binding and  a scalloped flower made from the Handwritten pattern paper with a pearl in it’s center. I simply tucked and layered and hot glued until I was happy with the results. To keep it simple, just the seam binding tied in a bow would have given the piece a finished look.

This shadow box makes me so very happy every time I see it. The Color Shine is so fun to play with and indeed made a plain old shadow box something pretty.

So don’t limit yourself to creating on flat paper. Shadow boxes are cool tools to show case the paper and colors you love so very much, and they might even remind you to be Grateful throughout your day.

Nothing about this project LOOKS simple… but therein lies the secret! With some Color Shine, and some Vintage Chic, allow this beautiful creation INSPIRE you!  Go ahead… MAKE PRETTY STUFF!  Jamie…I am STUNNED! I just love it!



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