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home safe…

home safe…

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the only word that i can think of to describe the LAST  Creative Escape is… AMAZING!

CE logoi will need to dedicate several blog posts to adequately sharing little pieces of the magic…it was SO wonderfuL! it's late Sunday night, and i have been driving all day today with my kids and emily to get home at a reasonable hour for the boys to have their FIRST day of school in the morning.  after the final goodbye last night, i packed up all my belongings, and bits and pieces of CE and stayed the night at my MIL's with my kids. We got up and loaded this morning… it's about a 12 hour drive, and with the exception of a one hour stop in Page at the Sonic (that was incredibly S L O W), we drove straight through.  i feel exhausted.

bags are unpacked, laundry is started, backpacks are loaded, and clothes laid out.

i need some sleep.

but, know that i promise to fill you in, and spill all my favorite parts!

i have to share the classes, my presentations, my yudu classes and creations…highlights, details, gifts, funnies… memories, and even a little about what i talked about for my 'keynote' and final words.

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