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home sweet home!

home sweet home!

I am so happy to be home!!

I felt like I was away forever! What a DELIGHT to come home
on Mother’s Day! I think that the kids were genuinely happy to see me, even
before they asked me what I brought home for them!! I came home to an amazingly
clean house, 2 gorgeous bouquets of fresh flowers and even a delicious dinner!
Eric is a super-hero! He really pulled it off! I have a wonderful husband—I
have been on that end of a traveling spouse my fair share… and it’s not easy,
and not fun… I think that we have really come to appreciate one another and our
unique roles as well as that whole- doing what you gotta do! I love him… and
appreciate all that he does to support me.

i brought Connor home a stuffed snake from the Australia Zoo, and the "bula" shirt is from Grandma-he LOVEd it!


Grandma K sent these cute sundresses for the girls… they were a HUGE hit! they didn't even care about the lousy t-shirts i brought them!! LOL

Cory and Colton are just getting TOO COOL to pose for me!! but here is my sweet cory!

I think I am feeling a little overwhelmed as I think back on
my crazy travels, as well as facing all that is here to take on now that I am

I do have to share a couple photos from our last few days in


Our last stop was Brisbane- and it was gorgeous! we had a
day to play and we made the most of it by visiting the Australia Zoo and then
went and had dinner at a super cute bistro on the beach… (perfect)

the zoo is like SUPER interactive… you could feed the elephants and feed the Koalas and Kangaroos… all the animals looked so healthy, happy and beautiful! it was a delight!



so the Koala thing was a highlight for sure! i admit, i paid the lousy $20 bucks to have my photo taken holding a Koala.. it was gorgeous! i loved it so much! it is as soft as it looks and just super sweet! seemed like i could have just rocked it to sleep! then i had to give it back! i thought that it smelled like eucalyptus!  it was amazing to me to watch them so calm and just right there- no cages… just sitting in the trees.

Our group for Mistified was SO much fuN! they were LOVING
the projects and learning the techniques… and really left us leaving on a high!
People LOVE learning how to use Glimmer Mist, and it’s a delight to share it
with them…course we shared a few tears as well as our passion for our
wonderful, meaningful hobby!



I have a dear friend that lives in Brisbane- and we have
been blessed enough to share many-a-scrapbook event together… she traveled with
us to show off her new Jewelry line (Enjoy Jewellery)… we were lucky enough to be
together for BOTH of our birthday’s… how fun is that!


I love that scrapbooking
has given me some of the most precious friends in my life!


It was great to have
Emily Waters.. she does SUCH a great job of keeping things TOGETHER and
organized… THANK YOU EMILY for working so hard to make sure that Mistified was
a success.. and a huge thank you to Wendy- and everyone at Tattered Angels… the
kits, and products and especially the Glimmer Mist were all FANTASTIC! Tattered
Angels is a class act! It takes dedicated and determined people to make it all


i will tell you… i haven't laughed so much …i don't think ever… we had a blast!

amazing memories… 

Ok, much to do……..getting ready for a WEBSHOW!! Hope you’ll
join me!

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