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House birthday

House birthday

Two years ago…today was the beginning of the House of 3! Well, officially!


These kinds of milestones are certainly cause for contemplation and reflection…especially on the heels of a fully-charged CHA!


My first thought of course, was “WOW” so many cool things! At the CHA show, Tattered Angels gave us a section in their booth to kinda ‘explain’ who we are… what we are about! As we were discussing which ‘house’ collections to feature and show etc, I was just kinda blown away with all the amazing kits and beautiful content that we have created over the last 2 years- and how many cool projects and good, creative ideas we have been able to share with the WEBSHOW and through our blogs etc I love that idea that we started out with- which was making art available 24/7 – to personalize and use in a way that makes you happy! …. I love what it’s evolved into, and all the people that ‘get it’ and play along! I love all that friends that we have made along the way!

 …”only 2 years?”… seems longer than that. Feels like so much has happened, and that as an individual, I have grown so much!  My little personal journey has been super intense in oh, so many ways! But amazing, and I feel so thankfull

Tomorrow night in Celebration of our 2 years of fun and fabulous creations… we’ll be having a bit of a Birthday party! We’ll be sharing some of our journey… some of our favorite things… we’ll be giving away a bunch of stuff… and of course, introducing you to our NEWEST collection: the Remarkable Valentine!


We want to see YOUR creations!! We have some SPECIAL presents reserved for those of you that share your photos of projects that you created using House of 3 products… share yout photos on our www.House of 3 Facebook page, or even just email it to one of us: you can email me here!

When we started House of 3, we really wanted to take the creative process to the next level by incorporating digital possibilities into the mix.  Now, I have said before- that I am not a ‘digital scrapbooker’… and 2 years ago, I didn’t know how to use photoshop AT ALL! I felt comfortable using Illustrator for simple things…but photoshop was so scary to me. I didn’t know how to open files, or do simple things like add a “brush” or run an “action” or even drag a frame onto my photo… LET ALONE adjust the color, tone, contrast etc to make the photo better! It was pretty much the most intimidating thing in the world to me! But I knew the POWER I’d have if I could learn. It’s been a long process… because I never took a class. I never started at the beginning and built on the knowledge. But everytime I learned something new, it was like a ‘squeel’ moment!! I even have a little happy dance I do when I learn something that I always wondered “how do they do that”… I have LOVED gaining understanding… and building on it (using Rhonna’s amazing designs)…WE decided to try to keep this process as simple as possible, and provide our files in PDF formats so you don’t have to do a thing to them… and we will continue to do that!  However, all 3 of us know how exciting it is to have full Creative Control… no matter what your project— it’s WORTH being able to manipulate and elevate!



Jessica Sprague is known for her unique and clear way of teaching people how to be successful quickly in photoshop. It’s her passion… her ObsessioN!  And that right there, is why I am SO excited about bringing you this class… because my passion is teaching people how to take those files, or elements they create themselves, and bring the creations to life with a printer, some paper and glue.  Basically, when you have 2 people come together- that are passionate and excited about what they are doing… the results are exciting! It’s been a delight to work with Jessica! We have created a class called “Mouse, Paper, Scissors”, and it’s a 4 week class starting on Feb.21. This class is assuming that you know nothing about Photoshop, and starting at the beginning! You will receive a kit that will contain the things you need to complete the weekly projects, as well as the mini-projects as well! I’ll be teaching 2 different mini-albums and a full-scale mirror project… you’ll be making scrapbook pages, labels, embellishments and cards. 


I am hoping that by teaching this class, I can really share more fully, my vision of the House of 3!  I just love being able to do cool stuff in Photoshop, and then get it out of my computer, and get my fingers messy!!


Anyway… the class starts on Feb 21st and will go for 4 weeks. It’s just about sold out- and the last day to register has been extended until Friday Feb 4th– (if there are still spots). If you haven’t signed up…do it quick! I do hope you will join me! To me, it’s a great way to celebrate our birthday, AND move us forward into another magical year!


Don’t miss the webshow tomorrow! we’ll be giving away 2 spots in the class… and OH so much more!! Don’t forget to upload or email us your photos!


See you tomorrow! 8pm MST

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