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house of cards…

house of cards…


Had a great time earlier this evening during the LIVE
! Tonight we were talking about CARDS!! And I love to make cards- and
it’s nice when you have a few tips that keep it simple and quick to make them-
and still have them turn out with some good wow factor!

RIGHT NOW at House of 3 we have a new ‘FEATURE’ section
where we will be posting certain kits that we are…well, featuring! At the
moment, we have a TON of card kits featured… and we are offering them at a 40%
off price! YEE HAW!!  I am sure
that we can all relate to how awesome it feels to receive a thoughtful message
from someone we care about; how wonderful it feels to be remembered or
appreciated…. So this is just our little effort to share the inspiration and
the LOVE … as I mentioned during the show.. write down a few names that you
could delight w/ a card! and send them one!


So, I introduced 3 new kits tonight:


This cute pink “Happy Cake” is found in the backgrounds of
the French Ooh la la  kit- as a png
file… but I thought that it deserved it’s very own kit! So in this kit is 2 PDF
printable pages—the idea is that you can cut the cake itself out and then add
it to an intact piece w/ some pop dots. SO cute. Then I added in some cute
banners. Dang, I love this cake! PERFECT for any reason to celebrate!



This FOLD OVERS kit was designed by Janet Hopkins and what I love about her
designs is that they are SO simple, but elegant and clever! This kit is no
exception! I love it. she printed out all kinds of backgrounds from the site…
and they are beautiful and inspiring! I made a few and they took me all of 1
minute each. (MAX). how awesome is that!? so check that out.



The 3×5 QUICK CARD kit is a doosie!! There are a total of
15  8 1/2×11 pages and 30 different
designs. Basically you get all the necessary sentiments: thank you, happy
birthday, mothers’ day, missing, congrats, friendship etc etc etc. Basically,
the idea is that you have these at your disposal- print them on whatever- they
are just littles … 3×5, but SO simple and fuN! you can take a look HERE and
browse thorough ALL 30 of the designs. Here is just a sampling!

we talked about a couple other ideas… like using your background paper to create some 3D elements on your cards:  use your paper knife or pop dots to emphasize the images!


and i showed how i like to use envelopes to make my own envelope templates- so i can cut the envelopes diff sizes and colors! i trace the envelopes, and then size templates on my copier…


i also like to use cute little envelopes: i especially love the vellum ones! for these little cards, i glimmer misted the tags with Meadow Green and Turquoise Blue. The Meadow Green is stunning with both the Garden Bliss and with the Spring Junque-



This is the project that i will be teaching this weekend at
Scrapbook Island! I’m looking forward to a wonderful weekend …


we have been
trying to get me to the Island for a long time! I am EXCITED to see you all! We
are going to have a great time!


……….getting some sleep tonight!

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