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How I Made a Mini Binder Scrapbook in Minutes

How I Made a Mini Binder Scrapbook in Minutes

Happiest Friday.

I am so excited to be here on the blog today to share with you all the most perfect weekend creative project that literally takes minutes to create.


We will be using pieces from the Honey and Spice collection to create this mini album.

To create this project you will need to gather the following:

1 12×12 piece of book board (I purchase my book board off amazon, super affordable and it makes the best mini books and albums!)

1 12×12 piece of Honey & Spice Double Sided Pattern Paper

6 x 6 Honey & Spice Paper Pad

Honey & Spice Cardstock Stickers

Honey & Spice Ephemera

Honey & Spice Tag Set

Honey & Spice Washi Tape


Waxed Thread

Paper Trimmer

Craft Knife

Bone folder

We R Memory Keepers Book Binding Punch Tool/Guide

So let’s begin!

Trim 2 pieces of book board to 3 1/4 inch wide x 5 3/4 inch tall.  Cut your spine to 1/2 inch wide by 5 3/4 inch tall.


Align the book board pieces just like you see above.  You want to have even spacing on either side of the spine so that we will be able to fold our book over essentially creating a ‘binder style’ mini book.



Apply your adhesive and then lay onto your pattern paper.



Trim off the excess paper with a craft knife.



Once cut out reapply adhesive to the chipboard side and adhere patterned paper on top.




Trim out.


You now have a front/back cover to your binder album and an inside..




Take a bone folder and gently press along the open creases on either side of the binder spine.  We will be folding this very carefully to achieve our “binder” book.



Now fold!




Use the We R Memory Keepers Book Binding Tool to pierce the spine in 2 places.  This is where we will be securing our binding.





Grab the 6 x 6 Honey & Spice Paper Pad and choose your papers.  To assemble my book I ended up using 6 papers in total.



Hot dog style fold your papers.  You can fold them pattern side in or out, or mix it up.



Trim about 1/4 inch off the top of your inside pages so they do not peek out the top of your binder.



Combine your inside pages in your desired order and then pierce them in the same place as you pierced your spine.



Grab some waxed thread.



Insert string into the middle of your book pages through the holes.



Tie the string into a bow on the outside binder spine.




Voila!  our DIY binder mini album is ready to be completed and filled up.




To create my cover I used stickers from the Honey & Spice Cardstock Sticker Set. LOVE this set!





And here is a look at some of the inside pages!









I hope you enjoyed this weekend creative DIY!



In literal minutes you can create the cutest mini book for your favourite memories and photos.  These also make a great gift!

Happiest weekend everyone.

Supplies | Honey & Spice 12×12 Patterned Paper Color Flow; Honey & Spice 6×6 Patterned Paper Pad; Honey & Spice Cardstock Sticker Set;

Honey & Spice Tag Set; Honey & Spice Ephemera 

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