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how i really feel about mother’s day…

how i really feel about mother’s day…

is it too soon to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day? i don’t think so! maybe we should make it into a huge week-long celebration! how about a week of sleeping in? a week without doing dishes, or meal prep? a week devoted to putting your own priorities at the top of the list? well, now that i type that out, it’s suddenly clear why it’s only one day, and always a sunday! because the world would cease to exist as we know it if mom’s stopped being mom’s everyday!


i can remember early in my motherhood thinking that Mother’s Day was supposed to be this big “pay off” kind of day – where everyone is on their best behavior, talks sweetly to one another, doesn’t leave their shoes or cereal bowls around, and compliments you a ton! obviously, when my ridiculously HIGH EXPECTATIONS weren’t met for several years in a row, i let go of them and realized that really it was just another day! everyone still expected the same effort from me, but on this day i was rewarded with an adorable hand made card or some sort! (which I loved!)


i asked around, and realized that other mom’s had the same feelings – instead of a “mother’s day” how about a “mother’s day off”!! we would joke about wanting to ban everyone from the house, and enjoy a day of silence!



HS Mother's Day Card 2017 - Free Printable





all kidding aside, being a mom is no joke! it’s a fuller than full time position, and until you are a mom you don’t really understand! it’s amazing, the highs and lows of being a MOM… the joy and love that is matched with worry and concern for your children, and family. even though you might not feel the rewards and bliss EVERYDAY, when they do come, they certainly make it all worth it! and i don’t think you would find a mom out there that would trade her situation, no matter the struggle.


since losing Cory, mother’s day feels sad to me. i am still working through my own feelings of being an inadequate mom to Cory… as well as just  not having one of my children here to care for is super sad and hard for me. yes, i know that i need to focus my energy on my living children, and trust the Lord with Cory…. i know all that, but it’s easier said than done.

in church i teach in the primary (children from 4-11), and there we are learning a new song to sing for the mom’s on Mother’s Day. as we learned the words, the lyrics about did me in! the song is called “more than enough” by Shawna Edwards.  i think that every mom struggles with feeling like we just aren’t quite good enough!  you can go listen to the song here… the line “maybe I’ll never see how you pray for my every need” was impossible for me to sing as i thought about my own mom worrying about me, as i have worried about my own beloved children.   the song talks about how mom’s efforts ARE enough! the stories that are read, the hugs, the reassurance… that it’s enough! but we are pretty hard on ourselves! especially when things don’t go right along with our hopes and dreams.

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as I deal with my own daily feelings of “mommy guilt”, i really want to be able to turn it around just a little by not dwelling on my own negative feelings, and look for ways i could uplift other moms!  there is not a more sincere empathy than the empath that one mom feels for another!  i’d love you to join me in considering using that empathy to reach out to someone around you that might need that lift!  you can probably relate to seeing another mom, and just by looking at her face – understanding completely the heaviness of her heart, without knowing exactly what’s going on!  it made me want to propose a little different kind of mother’s day this year … as this “mother’s day” week starts, i want to challenge myself (and you) to do something thoughtful for another Mom that could really use a lift. take special notice…  maybe you know of a struggle that someone is dealing with? or maybe it’s someone that just keeps coming to mind.  as you know ANY act of kindness or thoughtfulness is always appreciated! and as you turn your thoughts and prayers to someone else, your own burdens are lightened;  as you help someone else, you feel happy and uplifted as well! it’s a magical principal.  i  also got thinking that maybe you could help kids that you come in contact with (friends of your own kiddos, students, neighbors, nieces/nephews etc) remember their moms, and do something special for their mom, with a little help from a grown up? as you think about something that would make YOUR day, use those ideas to make someone else’s day!


I thought it would be fun to create some fun, lighthearted Mother’s Day cards! I love how they turned out! You can download them below for FREE and all you have to do is print and give away!! I hope you will enjoy them!

Mother’s Day cards // Mum’s Day cards


please feel free to share these links with friends, family, dads, and kids that might need an extra nudge in making that amazing woman in their life feel LOVED! and don’t forget those women who might not be mothers in the traditional way, but are caring for and MOTHERING just the same. I hope you will ENJOY this Mother’s Day, and that you will be KIND to yourself. I hope that you will find another MOM to uplift and encourage … and spread some goodness to those who really do deserve it most!

please know that YOU MOM’s make this world a better place!!! HAPPY, happy Mother’s day!




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