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how to add FOIL FLAKES to your projects!

how to add FOIL FLAKES to your projects!

Adding foil flakes to a project can seem a little intimidating … but really, it’s SO EASY, and the LOOK is amazing! I made a quick HOW TO video here, and I thought I would use a couple screen shots from the video just to summarize the process!

here’s what you need:

spray paint

tacky glue + sponge brush

foil flakes

bristle brush

I am using a little wood cut out from my helloheidishop.com website! (did you know that I actually have a little wood shop?)

here’s the process!

  1. spray paint the project the color of flakes in case any of the wood shows through. let it dry! 
  2. using tacky glue and a foam brush, add a THIN LAYER of glue over a small portion of the project.
  3. open up the bottle, and remove a few of the flakes. separate the flakes in single layers, and gently press them onto the glue while the glue is tacky.
  4. cover the entire project w/ the flakes: paint glue on then add flakes and repeat over the whole project. 
  6. using a bristle brush and remove all the flakes! THIS BRUSH from my DIY DOORMAT program is the best!

it’s really very easy, and actually quite satisfying! so ENJOY the process.

you can find the flakes in silver, gold, copper and pink at Joann.com here!



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