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How to Create a Summer Gallery Wall

How to Create a Summer Gallery Wall

it’s SUMMER!! which clearly calls for celebration! i wanted to switch up some of the decor in my home so that it would feel happy and “chill”!


i am a big fan of seasonal and holiday decor! just puts you in the mood! plus i have so many FABULOUS products available that are PERFECT for gallery walls!

the first thing i did was create a pinterest board of all the things that feel like summer! even just gathering pins that felt like summer made me happy!  i then started gathering stuff that i could re- 

purpose, and re-use in my gallery wall.HS_summergallery12

i was SO excited to discover that the DIY ampersand i had made a few months ago for a Studio 5 segment, was the perfect fit for the ornate decorative frame in the Gallery Wall collection! and i love the impact it made!


you can see here that i added a piece of black foam core to a wood box decor piece. i used my silhouette cameo to cut that fun ampersand, and transferred it to the foam core…. i love how easy and quick it was!


once i kinda had everything together, i started laying things out on the ground. that’s how i like to figure out how it will be grouped on the wall. this makes it really easy for me to move things around until i am happy with it! at this point, i had NO idea what i was going to put on the clipboards, magnet board or even in the lightbox! but getting it all in position has to happen, then it’s easier to choose what looks best! here’s what it looked like about 3am when i was finally finished hanging it all on the wall. i used a combination of 3M command hooks, and little nails for hanging.


true confession: the hat inspired the whole thing! 🙂 so cute!  (i got it at Target) i will also admit, that once it was all up on the wall, i felt a little intimidated to create the pieces that would fill the frames and boards!


i did want to create my own art to place in the clipboards! and i wanted to use the MINC, of course, to create gold foil accents! the clipboards come in a 3-pack, and are now available in my shop!


i chose some meaningful messages and reminders that carried significance for me.  i actually recruited my son Colton to draw that flamingo for me! PURE cuteness! I will be following this blog post up with another post that will highlight exactly how to create these color + foil prints. you have to have both a laser printer and an ink jet printer, in addition to the Minc to make these prints! Check out how right here and get the free MINC printables too!


you can see in this pic that i also settled on something to put in my LIGHTBOX!  “sumer vibes” + a few pieces from the pink icon pack. another true confession: i don’t usually have all the lights on!  the wall looks great even without the lights on! so this LIGHTBOX is not intended to be turned on in this set up…


the next “board” i tackled was the shaped magnet board. i just LOVE this little unique piece, and i LOVE that it’s magnetic! i really wanted to incorporate some of my favorite SUMMERY photos into this display – and so i decided to print out 8  favs using my Instax printer and photos i had on my phone. it’s literally the easiest thing ever! The instax printer connects wirelessly to your phone and allows you to print into this cool vintage print format! i glued some small magnets onto these mini gold bulldog clips, and arranged them nice and neat on the magnet board.


i wanted to find a way to include Cory into my photo collage. this was the perfect solution!


the basic white frame under the word “chill” needed just the right color! i actually searched the internet to find a really simply beautiful photo that i could still put some text over, and would be the perfect backdrop. this image was a free download for a desktop screen saver! i took it into photoshop and adjusted the hue/saturation to get just the right color!  i printed it out just onto white cardstock and placed it in the frame. i wanted WORDS on top! so i designed the phrase “dream all the dreams”  (i had seen that phrase on a tshirt on insta) using photoshop — took it into my Silhouette Studio software and cut it out of vinyl.


then… i sent it through my MINC machine with some GOLD FOIL, and turned it GOLD! YES!!!! vinyl (oracal vinyl to be specific) reacts with foil when put through the Minc! learn how to foil vinyl right here!


the wooden arrow (from my Gallery Wall collection), available in my shop, was next on my list.


i painted it with white and gold spray paint, then added black paint to only the edges. in the GOLD painted area, i added a little tacky glue – and transferred some blotches of gold foil! i love the random gold shine!


all that was left was my Marquee Letters!


i kept this so simple… it only took a few minutes to paint acrylic paint on ONLY the outside edges. i mixed the 10″, 12″ and original 8″ letters here – – and i love the fun, casual vibe it gives.


each letter has it’s own batter pack, and requires 2 AAA batteries.


once i had everything all put together… i just HAD to add my 7 1/2′ wooden cactus! it’s perfect! i hosted a party at SNAP conference in April, and my team and i made all these amazing cacti! we gave most of them away… but i saved ONE for me! it makes QUITE the statement!


i hope that you are feeling INSPIRED to create some happy decor! doesn’t have to be permanent… and sometimes if you know that it’s just a temporary display, there is less pressure! HAVE FUN surrounding yourself with PRETTY STUFF! xoxox



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