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How to Make a Love Letters Mini Album

How to Make a Love Letters Mini Album

My oldest daughter Quincy graduated high school  in June, and last spring as she was in that final stretch, and i was having all those “feels” that you have when your kids are getting ready to hit these big milestones that you knew were coming, but also you aren’t all the way ready for!  Quincy had some really gorgeous senior photos taken by my good friend Elizabeth Lawlor, and i also wanted to find a great way to use those.  I decided to make a mini-album where i would write a few letters to Quincy telling her the things that i have learned from her. The tricky thing about our parent/child interactions is that in the process of daily life, we don’t get much opportunity to let them know how we really feel about them, and the profound influence they have had on US as parents! Once you start thinking about the valuable lessons, and important life truths you have learned from being a part of their lives, and walking with them along their own journey, you realize the deep impact THEY have had on you. They need to know that. It will give them purpose, meaning and belonging.

i really loved how the book turned out! (if i am being honest). 1. i LOVE the Emerson Lane collection, and it was PERFECT for this book! 2. the concept of this book construction is SO easy, and SO awesome… and you can make it in any size, shape and use any paper with it! SO… i decided to invite one of my amazing, life long friends and film an episode of “SWAPPED”.  Laurie White is someone that i have admired since we attended Kindergarten together. She’s easily one of the most uplifting and positive people i know! she is a mother of 7, and one of her sons was also graduating this year… so i thought it would be perfect to share with her!

My vision for “SWAPPED” is part conversation, part crafting and ultimately more connection! I am still playing around with how best make this work… so I hope there will continue to be more episodes like this! You can watch it on my YouTube channel…

I have created a step-by-step how to instruction sheet of this project!  Because the video is really focused on our conversation and our shared passions for creativity, pursuing our own businesses, parenting and faith… we zip through the construction and it can be tricky to follow! Those instructions will help you create this book!

You will need chipboard and paper… and you can use any embellishments, mini envelopes, tags, washi that you have on hand! I really love the Emerson Lane collection and you can grab the whole bundle that you can use for this project here.  This makes an amazing keepsake gift that can be filled with letters, photos and love!

I also made this “I LOVE YOU” sign to give Quincy along with this book. I hope that it is something that she will carry with her into her future so that she will know that she is LOVED! It’s made from 1/4″ MDF wood, and i painted the backer with black acrylic paint, and the “i love you” piece with white acrylic paint. Click here to purchase “I love you” wall art . We sell this sign unfinished at helloheidishop.com.

i hope you love this as much as Laurie and I loved visiting, eating and creating something tangible for our kids to HOLD, and know how important they are to us in our journey as moms! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!

Click here to download full instructions

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