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How to Make Tissue Tassels and Fringe!

How to Make Tissue Tassels and Fringe! by @heidiswapp

How to Make Tissue Tassels and Fringe!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Today I want to share with you a couple of really FUN, CHEAP and QUICK ideas for holiday decor! It’s PERFECT for Valentine’s, but these ideas really make any celebration or special event that much more special!


I am using TISSUE paper to create these decorative elements! Tissue is awesome because it comes in all the colors, and is readily available in all the stores… check the dollar store, party stores, and anywhere that sells cards and gift wrap! You might also just have a bunch on hand!


I am going to show you 2 different tricks: Tissue FRINGE and Tissue TASSELS!


Let’s start with the FRINGE! You will need the following supplies:

Tissue paper

Fringe scissors

Regular scissors

Sewing machine/thread


Sewing disclaimer: I am not a ‘seamstress’. This tutorial will only require that you can start, stop and sew mostly straight! But I promise this is the secret to making the fringe… so dig out your machine, or borrow one for a night!



1.Cut strips of tissue paper about 1/4” wider than you want the fringe to be.


2. Cut the layers of color in different widths, so they all show.

3. Layer the tissue paper, and stitch all of the layers together.

4. Use the fringe scissors to cut along the tissue.


5. Once it’s all cut, rub the fringed tissue softly to ruffle it up!

Note: Usually tissue paper comes in layers of 8 pieces. This is a good amount to have nice thick fringe, and not too much to cut and sew through. Don’t try to cut through all of the layers of tissue at once with the fringe scissors… just cut through one color layer at a time.


There are so many different ways that you can use the fringe! Here’s a couple ideas:

I sewed the tissue directly to the top of the banner pieces to create a fringed effect along the top of each of the pieces


I sewed individual fringed pieces that I stuck along the top of a Letterboard, as well as on the edges of my Lightbox!



You can also add them onto gift bags or cards! All festive all the time!


Now, lets talk TASSELS! You can add these to balloons and banners and they just make everything look so happy!


Here’s what you will need:

Tissue paper

Rotary cutter

Straight edge

Cutting mat

“Tiny Attacher” mini stapler




1. I usually just take the tissue paper out of the package and fold it in half.


2. This usually makes tassels that are about 9” long or so.  Lay the folded tissue paper onto the cutting mat, and line it up so that its straight across the top.


3. I work right to left, and place the straight edge ruler vertically, perpendicular to the fold of the tissue paper. I then use the rotary cutter to cut about 1/4” strips, taking care not to cut all the way through the fold.


STOP SHORT OF THE FOLD by at least 3/4-1”. Don’t try to cut through more than 8 layers of tissue.

4. Once you have the tissue all cut, you can use them to make small, individual tassels, or you can hang it from one end, and allow it to be one really long tassel!


I like to add tassels to banners on either each end like I did here with this “BE MINE” banner. You can also  create a whole banner of just tassels!


I also love to create tassel tails on balloons! Here are a couple things to consider:

1. If you are using helium balloons, a typical balloon is really only strong enough to hold up one small tassel.

2. You can also just blow up a few balloons and tie them together, and then add a whole big tassel tail to the group- and it only LOOKS like it’s holding them up, but really it’s hanging on a command hook! (tricky) I did this on my Creativation show booth, and I loved how it looked.

 View More: http://elizabethlawlorphotography.pass.us/heidi-show

You have to try these DIY decor tricks! They are so much fun, and really pack a colorful punch with not much time or money!


Watch the segment I did making these at Studio 5 right here!

Have fun Making Pretty Stuff!!

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