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How to Print Your Pictures Q&A

How to Print Your Pictures Q&A

Last month I opened up a photo printing Q&A on my Instagram and Facebook accounts…

Ok guys…. I’m opening up for a little Q&A tonight about printing your photos!! there is something seriously amazing about holding a photograph! ✨ when we see a photo, it links our mind to all kinds of information associated with that image: feelings, conversations, experiences… and it connects us to that memory! it’s awesome how it cuts through our subconscious and pulls up information in a matter of seconds! but it’s also kind of a pain to get photos printed! Right? Let me help!! go ahead and ask me any photo printing questions and maybe I can help!  what is stopping you from printing photos? what stresses you out about  printing … do you print from home? are you not sure how or where to print? are you overwhelmed with how many photos you would like to print? And don’t know where to start? ❓❓❓❓ let’s chat about it!! I’d also love to hear what DOES work for you? Does anyone have awesome tips you would like to share?  Ok… ready go!!



Q: What do you prefer for quality? Home or out sourced? I would love to print from home for the convenience factor but worry about the start-up cost & the longevity of the prints compared to professional prints.

A: When I am in a major time crunch – I will upload my photos to Walgreens and they are in my hands in 30 min. But when I want the best looking, most beautiful photos – I like to print at Persnickity Prints– I can usually get them next day because they are pretty close to me. I don’t like to print reg photos on my home printer


Q: I have so many pics I don’t know how to choose what pics to print because I like them all. How do you choose?

A: I think this is a pretty common issue! (Rather than 2-3 photos we take 23 because we can!!) I think it could help to print with an “end” in mind. For example: refreshing some framed pics? Or filling a small photo album! I think “stories” are so important to document – maybe choose 3-5 “stories” that you would like to tell, and print the photos associated with those stories! Take some time to write about what, when, why etc. You could be as simple and direct as tucking them into a photo album or even try one of my “Storyline” pages that make it easy to let the photos do the work. Start small… and don’t let the overwhelm get you!


Q: Which photo printer do you use at home?

A:  I have 2 photo printers: the “Instax” Share Printer, and the “Zink hAppy”. They are both easy to use cause they connect to my phone w/ wifi. I use these mostly to add photos to my planner… or print instax for little instax albums! The quality isn’t great, but images are captured and they help me record on the daily! I feel like if it helps you get the job done, then it’s a good solution- the quality of the print is not too bad! I think it’s decent … I think it’s perfect for just a few pics at a time, and I definitely think it’s better than no photos at all!!


Q: Do you edit your photos before printing?

A: I will confess… I love the “Color Story” photo editing app which really helps amp up my photos!! I kinda use the same 2-3 apps and boost the brightness and contrast a little. I know I like bright photos!! So maybe narrow it to what you really like, and don’t spent time trying different effects on every photo! I’m not super picky! I try to get the best lighting etc when I take a shot… but I will lighten my shots before I upload them for sure – and when you kinda limit to just a few per “story”, it’s not quite so overwhelming!


Q: I  get overwhelmed with having to choose a few out of the billions of photos I take. How do you choose from them all?

A: I have a serious phobia about deleting photos off my phone! And – I’m with you… I see other photo images, and wish I took better pics! I like to choose 2-5 photos per “story”, and focus on the best!! And let go of the rest!


Q: How do you find the time to edit & upload photos to a printing site? The time it takes deters me from printing my photos!

A: Amen!! The editing can be exhausting!! Are you shooting with an SLR or a phone?? I love the ease of shooting, editing and uploading from my phone– but when I use my “big camera” I have to gear up for some time and energy! Focus on the favs… and have a plan for what you want to do with the photos! That way you aren’t wasting time on photos you won’t print!


Q: I miss film! It was simple. I took photos, took the roll to the mall, and the next day I had my photos. I don’t think I’ve printed photos for maybe two years or more.

A: Me TOO!! In some ways- it was good to be limited to 24 pics! You tried a little harder to get the best shot! And then bam! 24 photos in your hand- and you “get what you get and don’t throw a fit” hahaha… now the pressure to edit, fix, adjust, crop etc is kinda stressful!! The anticipation of seeing the pics was enough motivation to get them dropped off and picked up! And then only having 24 images didn’t feel too much to scrapbook or get in albums, but now we really get better pics! And options!! Maybe focus on picking your favorite 24 photos and find a new favorite place to print!


Q: How do you decide what stories to tell? To me all of the stories seem important which can be overwhelming!

A: I think that you have to start somewhere and I like to start with my FAVORITE stories- which are almost always the funny stories!! As you look through the photos on your phone, and one stops you, makes you smile or even laugh!!! Tell that story! We all need to remember those happy, best stories!! And the stories can be just a sentence or 2, they don’t have to be long stories!! Also, spread around the attention – tell stories that highlight EACH one of your kids! Hahah- mine seriously like count and keep track! No favoritism – except for babies!!!


Q: I’m SO far behind on printing and I’m completely overwhelmed. My phone is full and I have at least 20 SD cards from my camera that are full. I hate to delete so I just buy a new card and when I upgraded my phone I got the 7plus with the biggest storage. My first question is do you print then delete or organize them on a computer, Dropbox, other? Help!! I need to start this process. I WANT those pictures printed!!!!!

A: I feel you! I am in your same boat, and get this! I have 17k photos on my phone and I also have the largest storage capacity. Some have been printed and some should be deleted for sure! I recently got a terabyte storage for photos only but I think what is critical is choosing stories that hold importance and getting them documented. I promise that the photos in albums (physical albums and photos) will be visited and remembered more than any on a hard drive or SD card


Q: I have a really hard time deleting photos. When I go to print them or make a photo book it’s overwhelming to pick.

A: I share that phobia of deletion! I’m trying to convince myself to move them to a large storage drive and then separate them into “favorites” folders. Could you pick a number and select that many favs each month and stay up with your most favorite photos that way? Keep the documenting simple and focused!


Q: Do you print off pictures just to keep or only if you plan to scrapbook them? I always worry my computer will crash and I’ll lose everything that I haven’t printed.

A: I  have lost more photos than I care to admit (entire trip to South Africa was the worst) — but to be honest, I do focus on the photos I plan to scrapbook.


Q: My problem is I’ve become disconnected with local stores. I don’t like printing at home (hassle and it never looks right — I do like that I can print them in any size, however). I like printing apps but they take too long. I feel like my lack of having a good solution is paralyzing my memory keeping. What is your advice?

A: That is exactly what I think is stopping and limits people documenting life, and telling stories! I also think that if there is no “deadline” or reason to get them printed – it just escapes the top of the to-do list! My guess is that if there was a real reason, or pressure of some kind that you needed them printed, you would figure it out! I’m exactly the same way- if I have a deadline for samples or a class– I get new prints! If we don’t have the photos in hand, there is no motivation to scrapbook! I think that we all have the basic DESIRE, but lack the immediate “need”, and there is so much else taking our time and attention! Try choosing a fun project that you can complete pretty easily! For example… my photo journals allow you to add one photo, and then give a spot to write a little.. only 24 photos fit, so you could choose your fav, print- tuck them in and spend a few days adding the back story, and making it pretty!

There was so many great questions, I knew I had to share them and the answers here! I hope this inspires you to print your photos. Having a plan for what to do with the photos you print, will not only help with picking out what photos to print, but will also get you motivated to start that project!


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