Heidi Swapp | How to Use the New Heidi Swapp Glue Pens
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Minc It Monday - New Heidi Swapp Glue Pens | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

How to Use the New Heidi Swapp Glue Pens

Welcome to Minc It Monday. If you are new here (and raise your hands if you are) Minc It Monday is a feature here at Heidi Swapp that is most often found on Monday. Imagine that! The Heidi Swapp Media Team takes this opportunity to share with you a fun diy using the Minc Machine.

Minc It Monday - New Heidi Swapp Glue Pens | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

Today I am the lucky girl who gets to demonstrate the new Glue Pens AND the Minc Machine. All in one past. These pens are just that. Glue. Think, well, glue. These are classic glue pens but they aren’t for gluing. They are for making pretty stuff.

Let me show you.



There are two pens in this set that is part of the Hawthorn Collection. One is a Fine tip. They other is a Wide. They come in gorgeous black casings. And they each have that Heidi Swapp signature that just screams tres chic. These two sizes give great creative options for so many diy projects.

Minc It Monday - New Heidi Swapp Glue Pens | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp

A couple things you need to know about these pens. They need to be PRIMED.

The tips come white. And they need to be primed. To prime the glue pens gently press the tip down against a flat surface. This takes a little bit of time. Be patient. You can sort of pump the pen tip if needed. When the glue starts to come into the tip, it will turn pink. When it is all good and pink, you may commence with writing with the Glue Pen.

Minc It Monday - New Heidi Swapp Glue Pens | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp


The idea behind the Glue Pen, but not limited to, is writing. These are fun pens to put to use on your scrapbook pages. (See Kim’s post here…um. Gorgeous!!!)

Image result for heidi swapp hawthorn collection

You can add sentiments to cards. See Heidi’s card here above.

And you can even think of a few ways to use them in your planner.

Today I have included a quick video that demonstrates for you in real time how to use these pens. And then I get to show you the results after I have foiled them using the Minc Machine. Take a look:

Now tell me how fun is that?

Minc It Monday - New Heidi Swapp Glue Pens | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp


The possibilities are endless. The results are gorgeous. And you, my friend, get to be the maker of yet even more pretty stuff.

Supplies | Heidi Swapp Glue Pen, Hawthorn Collection, and Fresh Start Planner Collection