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HSN 24-hour-craft day!

HSN 24-hour-craft day!

i am blogging from FLORIDA… actually i am sitting in a very cozy hotel bed – you know the really comfy kind, with tons of fluffy pillows and a wonderfully comfy duvet. i am set! i don't go on air until tonight after midnight here East Coast time. SO, i get a little down-time, who doesn't love that!?


Ok, so i wanted to show what i will be presenting… i will actually be showing presenting 3 different kits:

1. the MISTABLE kit.. and i LOVE this! if you have not tried the Mistable paper yet- now is your chance! it really is the MOST amazing stuff! the paper is super heavy weight, and the designs are fabulous!  i just love it. if you were at Scrapfest, you got to see it up close and personal- but this is a really great way to get the WHOLE collection for a great price!   if you want to take a nice close look at this stuff, you can see this on the pink paislee website here.


it's so hard to see what is really going on with these products- because the design really doesn't emerge until you add the colors!  they are so much fun to play with! so you get the wood album, muslin flowers, and scallop ribbon, the alphas, die cut labels and 12 of the papers…  these are so awsome to play with! Qt

the second kit that i will be showing while i am here is the Phantom kit- it's the House of 3 designs… and it's FABULOUS! it might feel kinda early to be thinking about Halloween… but if you have been venturing out to Target and Walmart and all the grocery stores, maybe it's getting you in the mood! i haven't started decorating my house yet- i kinda have a rule that i will ONLY start one month early… so it will have to wait until Oct. 1! but i enjoy me some halloweeN! for sure.. i have been crafting with this kit-
Web4 The kit has Clear frames, 12 papers, chipboard letters, stickers, a 6×6 pad with 24 pages, and HELLO– a totally fabulous fun clear stamp set!  if you look above, kyou can see that i LOVE to collage stamp with them. there is a huge variety! so cute. here is a  link to the kit…

i mean… house of 3 lovers… take a peek at all the elements on this stamp set! love love love!  halloween crafting is so non-pressure, and just a great time to have fun with it!   you can take a better look at the whole collection on the Pink Paislee website here:

the third kit i am presenting is SO MUCH FUN!… if don't already have one of these… you MUST buy one! it's called the I-rock and it's by Imaginese… this is the KIT:


i mean… check out what i did to my set of phantom stickers… this only took a few minutes, and it's SOOOO fabulous!
ok… now really – this tool is a MUST HAVE! this is the PERFECT gift!! my 10 year old daughter could totally work it- she loved it! i think Capri could do it too, if i was helping her! but ANY level crafter would LOVE LOVE how much you can do with this!  you know how tedious it is to glue jems on indivudually –that is crazy but this is SO slick!  take a look at this pillow i bling-ed up… i picked it up at target… it's SO cute! (i added the sparkly flare in PS) but all those jewels in the center of the bow i added in just a few minutes…  the jewels included in this kit are a variety of sizes and colors- so i like to mix and match. i will be showing a couple other fun projects- great for gift giving!  this is a great toY! and wonderful tooL!


ok… i will be on air TONIGHT in the 12 midnight hour- East Coast time… and then again tomorrow morning in the 11am hour!  There are TONS of fabulous items on this 24 hour craft day… you can see all my stuff HERE..

Rebecca Cross from Pink Paislee will also be on with a kit from her Nantucket collection–which i really love as well! She will be on in the 1am (EST) with this kit… as always, you can buy online at HSN.com at any time…and it's great to take advantage of the 'flex pay' options etc.


here is a page that i did using the Nantucket paper as well as Mistable muslin ribbons, and the mistable lables… and mistable numbers (from the chipboard letter set)

Nantucket1 ok… looking forward to this whole crazy thing! it's a fun adventure (and i got a new top from Ann Taylor) so i am happy about that too!


edited to add times:

If you are a late night owl then you can stay up to watch and if you are on the East Coast you can join the party live!  We are actually very excited to be able to show the Mistables products online so everyone can finally see how amazing these products are!


Show Times (subject to change)

Nantucket Kit – Rebecca Cross – September 25th / 26th – 1:00 a.m. EST / 10:00 p.m. PST)

Mistables Kit – Heidi Swapp – September 25th / 26th – (12:00 a.m. EST / 9:00 p.m. PST)

Phantom Kit – Heidi Swapp – September 26th – (11:00 a.m. EST / 9:00 a.m. PST)

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