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HSN project previews:

HSN project previews:

Today I loaded my jump drive up with 159 photos, and made the trek to Costco with the whole crew in tow… lucky for all the taster samples and $1.99 monster pizza slices, it’s certainly not hard to convince anyone to come with me to Costco. I think that there is nothing more inspiring than a fresh pile of photos! We have had such a busy summer so far, and I am thankful for all the great photos I have been able to capture of our adventures- everyone loved looking through all the photos- laughing and commenting on each one.  I went to work- as I still have samples to create for HSN- I am such a procrastinator! I have lots to do between now and wed morning. So many exciting things going on right now—so this opportunity to just play, and focus on the creativity… was a welcome shift in gears!


Yesterday I posted a few videos of using the new Pink Paislee mistable collection- and as the name implies, the magic happens when you add color!  If you watched the video that I showed some misting ideas on paper- you will see that for this page, I used the technique where I simply mist around the outside edge of the page- I really love this photo of connor on his bike on the 4th of July- so cute. I used the mistable paper, muslin ribbon, labels and alphas. –and threw in some crepe paper in celebration of the 4th!


We had SO many activities around the 4th of July, so I really wanted to make a mini-book that would hold all the fun memories! I only got ONE of these wood mini-books, so I was kinda afraid to commit to something- but I pulled out the ‘Mel’s Diner’ Glimmer mist, and committed! I think that the Mel’s Diner, and Cornflower Daze are my 2 favorite perfect USA colors- perfect for patriotic projects! Turned out awesome.  The Wood just accepts the glimmer mist SO beautifully!  And then you can still stamp, and ink and add Glimmer Glam etc, etc…the wood is so much fun to work with! I actually really love how this book turned out! I have already started filling it with photos!


SOooo, in addition to the Daily Junque and the Mistable kits that I will be presenting- I also have designed a ‘mini-book kit’ that includes stuff to make 3 different mini-books. They are amazingly simple to create, and you can keep them simple, or you can get all crazy and add all kinds of stuff to it!  So often I hear from women that they just don’t have time to scrapbook- even though they really love it, or they wish they would carve out the time to do it! – truth be told, I feel the same way- this kit is SO PERFET FOR:

  1. anyone that feels super short on time, and long on photos!
  2. Parents or grandparents who need a little project for busy kids/grandkids!
  3. Anyone that loves to give ‘homemade’ gifts
  4. Anyone that loves to create stuff, but likes to just get-it-done…
  5. These mini-books are perfect for SO many different occasions: vacations, parties, new baby, familiy photo shoots, wedding, graduation, a summer day, a family reunion,–or just a random group of photos that are filled with smiles!

Bragbooksmall Bragbookinsidesm

These kits are SIMPLE. Straight to the point- there are a few simple die cut embellishments that can be mixed and matched- you can use them or not… the clean up is quick and easy- it’s something that ANYONE could put together. And that is awesome. I really encourage you to take a look at it- the kit is an amazing deal, and something that is FUN, and with a relatively small amount of effort, could become a lifelong treasure.


you might have to set your DVR on Thurs- b/c the times are a little crazy! i will be on at 6am, 7am and 11:00pm — ALL those are 'Eastern' time.  Rebecca will be presenting a kit from the "Sweetness" line on Thurs morning as well- so stay tuned!

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