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Hybrid makes me happy and NEW print & cut video

Hybrid makes me happy and NEW print & cut video

You know I am a HYBRID girl at heart! I LOVE the flexibility and instant gratification on all counts! My ultimate favorite HYBRID tool is the Silhouette cutting machine! (and look at this cutie mini version:)

now, today I want to show you some very clever hybrid concept brought to you by my official ‘hybrid specialist’: Maridette Cachola. SHE is so creative! I have 2 different project ideas to show you that were created by Maridette using her Silhouette.  I got to hang out with Maridette in her home town a few weeks ago when I visited the store ‘Art Inspired”. It was so fun to be with her, and hear all her amazing ideas! Ok, so she had created all this cool stuff… she was the mastermind behind the photobooth featured in this post- creating all the fun Heidi Swapp props and background.

Look at this cutie frame where she recreated that very background in miniature!  (I LOVE those colorful scallop ribbons!) There is even a mini book affixed behind the frame!

Maridette and her BFF Lisa worked together to create some totally fabulous aprons to wear during the event at Art Inspired…you have to check this out! Here’s what Maridette had to say about her process:

I’m having so much fun with Heidi’s digi products that my head spins with all the possibilities!  Digi and Silhouette?  Well…if you don’t own one this is a MUST HAVE on your crafters wish list.  You definitely won’t be disappointed.  I was so excited to create something that would scream “Heidi Swapp” where it would be a fun way to display a signed photo of her and my love of instax along with her instaframe. (here’s the before)

My BFF helped me sew the lace because well I’m still learning so I didn’t want to make a mistake.  (Lisa, You’re the best!)

What would a project be without a big colorful flower?  White Tulle was gathered and sewn, misted and blinged out.

It’s just so gorgeous! I cut the ‘Awesome’ and banner png from Heidi’s digi cut files into my Silhouette using Silhouettes flocked iron on transfer material. This gave it some nice soft texture to the apron.

Did the same with the  digi camera, ‘love this’ and beautiful pennant except I used plain white cardstock.  I used a skewer and cut it to the size I needed to add the embellishments.  Use the trace and cut instructions after resizing how you want it.  Watch the trace and cut tutorial video that Heidi provided.   Open up the instaframe.png file in silhouette adjust the size and print it on Rangers Sticky back Canvas by Claudine Helmuth.  I then cut and glued the page protector to the opening to give it more protection.  Hot glue gun works great!  Don’t forget to leave an opening at the top for your photo.


So, after our event was done, we went to dinner and I got a chance to sit and talk to Maridette, and she was able to telll me her secrets for using the ‘print and cut’ feature on the Silhouette. i had tried to figure it out before, but I was frustrated and hadn’t revisited… with some insight from Maridette, I was ready to tackle it again! I tried it, I LOVED it! soooo, I whipped up a quick tutorial video- it’s a game changer! (btw…watch to the bitter end, my oldest son has a very valuable contribution to the video…ha ha)

HOW to print & cut using your Silhouette! from Heidi Swapp on Vimeo.


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