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I am just totally fired.

Today I plugged my camera in to download the photos for the webshow, and aside from 2 photos I took yesterday, the last images were Christmas Day, and they were terrible! I HAVE to do a better job! There has to be a HUGE change in my effort level… and we have had SO much going on, and I haven’t taken a photo of any of it! I started thinking about the things I have missed… UGH, I have to do better! I have to CAPTURE and DOCUMENT! Things are just moving too fast! SO, this is a new me! A RE-newed me!! I am going to do a better job.


Ok, so- I did take this photo yesterday, and this photo documents that in fact, hell has frozen over! Because I said NO to Playdoh for 12 years and now look at me! And my kids loved it! And actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… clean up was pretty quick!  SO..i have to scrapbook that!

SO, tonight’s webshow will be the first from my NEW house, and new Studio! And before you get too excited, or have too high of expectations.. it’s like a blank canvas still! I have organized all my necessities in place, but I need to make it INSPRING! It’s not really there yet! (baby steps) Rhonna will be joining me- so don't miss it!

Cal project

We are going to be playing w/ Calendars tonight… we get SO many requests for Calendars… so there will be some options- cause there are SO many possibilities and necessities for Calendars! They can be so many things!


There are some NEW “RE-markable” calendars, that are SUPER cute, and I will use them posted to the fridge to document, and keep everyone on the same page… we have LOTS of Calendar inspiration! So JOIN us tonight… same time (8pm Mountain time) and same place (HERE IS THE LINK)

 and just thought i'd show you this… it's some sneaks from the new Winter Collection from House of 3 (by Pink Paislee)… it's called Daily Junque, and we'll be sharing a little as we get to play!
and …good news:  the Blossom Rings are back up and available at Blossom Couture! we sold out of them SO quick, and are just now able to re-stock the store! YOU just choose the color you want!  ORDER HERE


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