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I am sitting in the airport heading home from my whirlwind trip to San Jose, CA and visit to ‘Scrapbook Island’! … whew, girls we had some good fuN! And intense classes!  These classes were not for the faint of heart- and of course, I always have a few bugs to work out the first time through- but we had fun playing with all the beautiful House of 3 collections- there are so many familiar faces at the Island- I’ll share some photos when I can get them onto my computer-My flight has been delayed because of the problems that Southwest is having with their planes- I just heard about the problem they had with a HOLE in one of their planes! Scary-

Since I have a few minutes, I am going to go ahead and introduce the next class that I will be teaching with Jessica at www.jessicasprague.com:We just barely wrapped up ‘Mouse, Paper, Scissors’ a week or 2 ago… the class was so much fuN and we loved it so much, that we have decided to create another installment!

Mouse, Paper, Scissors… MOM!  Registration opens MONDAY, April 4th.


This class is a little different than the first “Mouse, Paper, Scissors” … This time around- the class is only 2 weeks long, and will feature 3 projects. While the class is entitled “mom” and the timing is perfect for Mothers Day- these projects will be general enough that they can really be adapted to ANYTHING!  Bottom line, is that the goal of the class is to teach photoshop skills… mixed with actual paper and scissors crafting in a very step-by-step way.

Here is the class description:

Creating is even more magical with a special ‘someone’ in mind … someone special to celebrate, give tribute and pay homage to through fabulous, sparkly paper and glue! Mother’s Day is May 8, 2011 this year… and Jessica and Heidi have created a 2-week version of Mouse, Paper, Scissors that is ALL about MOM!  The class of course is all about hybrid crafting goodness… Heidi Swapp and Jessica Sprague will take you through step-by-step, how-to, hands on, start-to-finish paper-crafted creations that begin in your computer and end– wrapped in a bow, and making someone’s Mother’s Day unforgettable!

Join us!  We’ll be creating a stunning Mother’s Day Card, creating a 2-page interactive scrapbook page layout as well as a mini-book worthy of a Queen!  Add some writing, remembering, and photographing in between, and this class promises to inspire and delight! (both the giver and the receiver!)

Registration starts April 4. Class runs April 18- April 29.  Just think… you will know exactly what to give mom! …and sisters, friends, daughters, and every special woman in your life that lifts, cares, nurtures and gives.

Details and Supply list will be posted April 1st.  This class will not include a physical kit, but will require basic supplies that can be easily found at a local office supply or craft store: manilla folders, white presentation paper or cardstock, chipboard, adhesive and you’ll be pulling goodies from your stash  ( or we’ll tell you where you can find it!)  We are SO excited to share these ideas and continue the magic of Mouse, Paper, Scissors!

I am super excited and thrilled to announce that Bo Bunny is sponsoring this class, and we will be working with their most beautiful “Gabrielle” collection! Have you seen this release? I fell in love with the colors and the style of this collection, and did a HAPPY dance when they agreed to play along…  Take a look at this sneak peek: I LOVE how this little mini turned out- it holds so many little secrets inside, I can’t WAIT to show you!!  my friends at Scrapbook Island got to see it in real life, and they will tell you it’s SUPER cute!

I just want to explain how this class works – Since Jessica Sprague is like the most amazing ‘digi’ teacher … and I pretty much only know enough to be ‘dangerous’ in photoshop, I knew that in order to really teach an effective ‘HYBRID’ class, I needed help! – This class starts in your computer- it’s an online class that you gain access to, and will receive daily emails, and blog posts that will take you through that day’s work.  You will download the art needed for that day’s assignment, and watch a video in either photoshop or photoshop elements- that will instruct you exactly how to do all the tasks for your assignments.  If you don’t have photoshop, or photoshop elements, you can get a free trial and use it for 30 days to check it out!  This is a great place to TRY!  Once you complete your digi assignments, you will print your creations and meet me in the video room, where I will be taking you through stepped out tasks to complete your project. This is where you will need your trimmers, adhesive and supplies!  It’s the most amazing feeling to start from scratch on these projects and create stunning results!!

I am not wanting ANYONE to feel left out of this amazing class… so we are ALSO including a PRINTABLE version of this class- what that means is that if you are interested, and intrigued by the ‘hybrid’ possibilities… but you just can’t wrap your head around photoshop, or have no access to those programs- you can still join the class- you will download files that are READY to work on- with NO PHOTOSHOP work needed – or maybe you just want to follow along w/ the instructions and “dip your toe” as Jessica says… but the PDF files will be ready to use.  

***and again, I want to emphasize, that you don’t HAVE to use this class for you MOM- this could be about you, your mother-in-law, a dear friend, or sister- it could be a girls trip, a special friend or friendships… this can be really anything!! And Motherhood can mean many things!

I am also working on offering a VERSION of the class that will be ‘traditional’ scrapbooking, and require that you obtain the papers and elements from the Gabrielle line– the classroom and video tutorials will be offered on JessicaSprague.com and I’ll be posting more information on that soon.

I hope I haven’t confused anyone! I am super excited about how fabulous the first Mouse Paper Scissors went… all that we have in store for this next ‘MOM’ version, and what else we are dreaming up!

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