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I decided to throw an ‘all American celebration’! my sister and her family have been living out of state for the last 9 months, so they are here visiting… and so in addition out or nation’s independence, i wanted to celebrate our family being together! I LOVE the 4th of july… from a very young age, it’s been that holiday full of summer fun and happy family memories!  Pulled this together pretty last minute, lucky for me…my family was game!

Our day was so full of Patriotic goodness…


starting with the bike parade first thing in the morning. It’s so awesome to live in an area with SO many kids! It was so cute to see all the kids with their scooters, bikes and wagons all decorated. They were so excited, and felt like the stars’ of the show! I love these traditions…


Capri can ride a two-wheeler bike with no training wheels! she has had her eye on Quincy's old bike, and actualy, i think that Quincy got this bike when she turned 6 or 7… and Capri is only 4!… so Eric did some work on the bike-and got it sized down to fit her-  you couldn't wipe the smile off her face!  (i was scared to death) i attempted to run with the littles through the route, in case we had any accidents- and they left me in the dust.

there was a huge turnout to the bike parade, and afterwards, the fire dept met us, and sprayed down the kids…it was a HOT sunny, perfect daY!


Party was at six, and I just wanted it to be casual and fun!  SO, I ordered pizzas (yay for 1. dominos.com where you can request the SPECIFIC time for the order to arrive! and 2. your Red, White and Bue boxes!) …we played a couple games, and enjoyed some ‘all American’ rootbeer floats! 

Party table
My mom makes the BEST Red Velvet cake… and I am a huge fan! Every year, I want Red Velvet for my b-day cake… and I have tried Red Velvet cake, and cupcakes from many different places, but NONE have even come close to my moms… her secret is in the frosting. It’s amazing. I love it COLD!  And these cupcakes were SO delicious! Thanks mom!!


I wanted to have a Jell-o jiggler slurping contest!  I did learn that there is a science to the jigglers! Luckily I have LaRane (my SIL) who made PERFECT jigglers… and it was HISTERICAL … you can either slurp or you can’t! the kids loved it! Cory’s best friend Skip could SLURP!!


Chewing Bubble gum (specifically Double Bubble) is pretty darn American! So I wanted to have a Bubble blowing contest… some of the kids could blow bubbles, but none of us could compete with my brother Cam… I think he had 4 pieces of gum, and it was so funny, cause it kept popping ALL over his face, and his sunglasses…he was the clear winner!



I love being surrounded with my family—I love my cute nieces and nephews!




RootBeer floats is pretty 'all american'  to me… every age, any one can love a float! even if you have to substitue rootbeer for sprite and vanilla icecream for orange sherbet! 


(he is pretty 'all american' too!! smooch!)

(side note: i couldn't find long spoons anywhere… so i went and struck a deal with the folks at a local malt shop: ICEBERG… and yay, they were RED!)


katie, my cute little sister… used the party as her opportunity to announce: we are all SO excited!


It gets a little crazy…and it takes effort, but I love it—and it’s worth it! I appreciate so much the support of my family…I love that we can get together, and play together- and do what we want…worship, get educations, work, travel and live how we wish…this is a beautiful country- an amazing, diverse, wonderful place.

Of course, my mind keeps going to those who SERVE in our armed forces. Women and men, mothers’ and fathers, wives and husbands, people who are so passionate about the freedoms we enjoy, and the cause of protecting that peace.  To those of you who are serving: thank you. our daliy prayers are offered in your behalf. We are thankful. 

I have been contemplating the words of songs like…’My country tis of Thee’ “America the Beautiful’ and our National Anthem.  I do love this country… may God Bless this nation, it’s people, it’s friends, our soilders and our Leaders… may the Lord bless us all!

we finished off the night with some Sparklers… don't you just love sparklers?? i played with the settings recommended by Kayla Lamoreaux (this is why i LOVE twitter!) ...here 

colton was trying and trying to write his name.. i did use a tripod…

have a safe and wonderful holiday!



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