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i made it

i made it

whew.. what a LOOOOONG trip to get here! but SO worth it! what a blast! so happy to be here… it was pretty much dark by the time we got here to Suva…it's raining, so i hope that will subside! but no matter what we do, or what the weather is.. i am just SO happy and thankful to be here!


i met up w/ mom, dad and katie at the Nadi airport, where we caught a plane over to Suva.  it was a smaller plane, and only a 22 minute flight- here is a little shot of the bags coming off the carousel- you could see the guy taking all the luggage off the airplane, and throwing it onto the carousel- no wondering 'what is taking so long' to get the bags! we have a busy few days planned, and hopefully i can get a good night's sleep tonight, and be on track tomorrow! night!

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