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i sit, i sleep!

i sit, i sleep!

i have been sitting here typing, and i keep falling asleep. i am pooped. …

C O N G R A T S to:

I love the soft colors. I pictured some scrapbook layouts of my daughter when she was little & then I thought about some of my garden pictures too. Love those popping butterflies!
Posted by: Jenny | March 21, 2009 at 05:22 AM

Those papers would be perfect for my new baby that is due to arrive on April 18th! Love the patterns and the soft colors!!
Posted by: Karalyn | March 21, 2009 at 08:14 AM

heidi, these are marvellous. I would do baby or ballet pictures of my grand-daughters. All these pînk leotards…. and the butterflies, of yes… Pick me, pick me I never win anything!
Posted by: Louise Dubord | March 21, 2009 at 09:53 AM

Ok – if I win these SO BEAUTIFUL prizes, not to mention the totally awesome purse clip that I have needed all my life as I never put my purse down! I PROMISE to scrap the pictures of my daughter (6 yrs old) doing my hair in the bleachers while watching her older brothers play basketball! Products are perfect for this girly girl of mine! I have been in such a rut lately that this would surely get me out with a big SMILE!
Posted by: Dawn Reynolds | March 23, 2009 at 07:33 AM

Perfect for the memories we created today – it was "Gotcha" Day, the day we celebrate the adoption our two girls!! We spent the day walking and enjoying this beautiful Spring weather and celebrating the creation of our family! Thanks for inspiring.
Posted by: Wendy O. | March 21, 2009 at 09:51 PM


i thank you all for your comments! it sounds like ALL OF YOU need this paper! i was moved and inspired by so many of yoU! i love that about scrapbookers… meaning in everything you do! the way you look at the world, so full of intention and appreciation!… thanks again for playing!

I am feeling HIGHLY stressed, and relying on so many things to come together, and trying not to push the PANIC button. Today was a really productive Monday! … and I feel good about all that i got done, but feeling overwhelmed by what still needs to happen!  We did a bunch of purging, and packing today. I keep trying to figure out what to take on the plane, and what to pack, and where in the boat shipment. Trying to do a better job documenting.
Tonight we had a delish dinner with friends, and then everyone threw us a ‘going away’ party. we reserved one of the gyms at the school and everyone brought a dessert to share, and the kids just played, and ran around.. while the adults stood around and visited. It was SO nice to be surrounded by all of our friends here, and it made us feel SO loved, and even more sad to be leaving. 

I just opened an email from my dad… and he shared an expression with me that he saw over the door of a  youth hostel:

"Gott gibt uns die Nusse, aber er beisst sie nicht auf."

God gives us nuts, but he doesn't bite them open for us.


i had to laugh, but agree that the saying is true!… i find it SO ironic, that i was so scared and stressed and worried  as i was leaving AZ 18 months ago- i never would have thought i'd be so sad to leave! i have been trying to focus on the things i am SO grateful for in all this! , and i have everything to be thankful for. Especially life long, world-wide friends.
 I just totally fell asleep as I was blogging, I need to get to bed…
Congrats to the winners!!!
I’m not done GIVING  yet… so check back!

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