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i think it's time…

i think it's time…

Tonight I tackled a task I have been putting off for months
now… I just haven’t had the energy to unpack, categorize and organize the last
few boxes that were just kinda stacked up in the corner down in the basement.
Tonight, the basement had been torn apart by all the kids, their friends and
cousins- so I had to take action. Mostly it was just putting bits and pieces of
Halloween costumes back in the bin; reuniting puzzle pieces with their friends;
folding blankets and ultimately finding the missing shoe that started the whole
effort anyway! –so while I was at it…I opened the box that I have been
avoiding. It’s the box that holds binders, notebooks, folders and envelopes all
holding evidence of my journey the last 10 or so years- evidence of my
scrapbooking career.  I have
binders with all the outlines of classes that I taught in my earliest days of
teaching at Memory Lane. The original hand lettered ‘simply stated’- our first
rubons from Making Memories. The box held several CK magazines that I had
written articles for as well as a copy of each one of the books I had
contributed to in one way or another. Tons if notebooks full of sketches,
samples, pantone swatches. As I flipped through the pages and  peeked in the envelopes it was fun to
see my ideas in list form… then sketched…then little printouts of the art and
then remember the product release and even some of the pages I had used for
samples. over and over again I have repeated that process. Whether it was a
book or a product or even an event… it’s truly been an amazing journey.  It’s been way more than I could have
ever even imagined.

Each new opportunity beginning came on the tail of another
opportunity ending- with valuable experience gained, and tremendous
satisfaction and learning taken forward to enrich that next challenge. This
last year has been a time of that transition. Making big changes in direction
has been exciting, required learning and stretching… not to mention being a
little scary. I keep feeling like each year, the demands of my family grows
exponentially…and my ability to manage it all is diminishing! Really, it’s all
just changing. It’s just that realizing that change is sometimes harder than

As you may or may not know… I am not longer creating new
product under the Heidi Swapp brand by Advantus.  I am tremendously grateful for the last 5 years and all the
places that I have gone, people that I have come in contact with and amazing
experiences gained…what an awesome ride!

But… all things, along with their beginnings-must come to an
end! For now, Advantus is still selling Heidi Swapp products, and what has been
produced is still available for purchase. 
(now they are collectors items! Wink)

As for the NOW…

I am looking to pour more of my time and attention into
House of 3.  I am absolutely
delighted with the evolution at House of 3, and the response that we have
received to what we have created! As partners, we have been discussing our
goals and directions for 2010, and how we can be more effective, and reach more
people with fun ideas, accessible classes,  workshops via live web streaming and MORE!! The
possibilities are endless!

In addition to House of 3, I have been invited to join
another team…and for the past several weeks, I have been designing a few new products
and learning some new techniques to share at the upcoming CHA.  The cool thing is that I’ll be able to
cross over my House of 3 ideas with this new venture. My role with this company
is different than anything I have ever done, but  allows me to explore my creativity and fresh ideas and
keep my family first- where it belongs. 
I feel like it’s the best of both worlds!


I have to start doing a better job of taking care of ME! I
have been spreading myself WAAY too thin, and consequently-feeling like I am
not excelling in ANY area. I am looking forward to simplifying my life. Staying
put a little more.  Making
individualized time w/ my children. Concentrating on daily creative goals and
putting more effort into my health and wellness. Working smarter. It’s time.


So… with these last few weeks of 2009…take time to determine
what 2010 has in store for YOU! what changes are you making? I always look
forward to a fresh start that is a NEW YEAR!! I am working on a little House of
3 workshop that will kick off the new year…and I hope you will join me… join
US! because…


It’s time!


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