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ikea additions

ikea additions

ok, just as a reminder, this is what my room looked like when i decided that i needed an intervention… i wanted more storage- i already had those cropper hopper cubes on the left side of the room- but only 1/2 way up the wall- i did use it as a place for my sewing machine– i also wondered if i could find something that would fit on the outside of my island where i have about a 8" overhang-maybe some shelves?


There is an Ikea 15 min from my house, maybe closer. I love it.  I love to wander around looking at the different products and envisioning something I could DO with them… something to alter, or change… personalize. But this time, I was looking for specific function… I needed to add storage, and give myself some extra space… I moved some of my storage boxes around, and determined that I wanted a tall shelf unit.  I only had about an hour before I had to be somewhere, so it was power-shopping-ikea at it’s best… I was moving fast… I was trying to decide if I should get white or black… my existing cabinets are brown and the counter top is like a speckly-tanish-cream, so I was definitely going for contrast… I decided on white…these were my purchases:


On one side of my island, I have about a 7” overhang, and I thought that maybe I could find a narrow shelf unit that would back right up to my island, and give me some storage. Ikea, of course, is the small space master- and this  ‘shoe cabinet’ caught my eye… it’s quite a narrow unit- only 6” from the wall- and it’s designed to actually mount on the wall. The compartments open out to about a 60 Degree angle- I measured it and BINGO- totally fits 12×12 paper perfectly! it's actually mounted right to the back of my island! (fabulous)


this thing is my FAVORITE FIND… it's PERFECT!!



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