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i'm back

i'm back

well, i didn’t think i could get a cuter photo of connor than that crawling one that has been up for weeks! but, look at that! (easter sunday). this is my favorite shot of the day.
I told myself that I wouldn’t go to sleep another evening without blogging. it has so been forever since I blogged, and there is just NO EXCUSE for such lame behavior. And as usual, when I go for long breaks, I feel a compulsion to summarize all the goings-ons but then can’t cause it’s just crazy-lots of stuff. So it’s almost 2am, and I can barley keep my eyes open…but dang it, I am going to BLOG.
Life is good.
It’s crazy. And it’s NOT easy. But it’s good.
I have been so busy the last few weeks… and the thing is that I am always busy-have a million things I want to do, after the million things I have to do… and that is pretty standard procedure- but I guess I just gave in to the overwhelm lately. The little bit of ‘spare’ time (what a joke: spare time… what is that? and WHO has it I ask… ) I have spent working on stuff that I wanted to do, and had been putting off. I am very excited about everything that I am working on right now- which is not always the case… but I am feeling challenged in all the right ways. Being pushed in ways that are resulting in good little lessons that teach you about what you are really made of.
In addition to the ‘work’ type stuff… we are so excited to have my cousin who lives in Sinapore bring their 4 children over to Beijing for Spring Break. Singapore is nice weathered most of the time it sounds like, so the cold has been a little shock to the system.. be we have been having a blast, squeezing every possible drop of fun out of this trip! We went to a different spot on the Great Wall (with a zip line to get down) a different theatre for Chinese Acrobats and all the Beijing sight seeing you can handle. They have 4 kids very similar in age, and they have all been having a blast… so much fun. I am popping in a couple photos… and then sneaking up to bed, with a renewed commitment to the blog!












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