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in motion…

in motion…

Have you even been cliff diving? I think it’s the scariest thing ever… I don’t think that I am officially afraid of heights, but the thought of jumping off is something I am afraid of… I am not into bungee jumping or parachuting… the high dive seems high enough for me…

But you know that feeling- standing on the very edge, and contemplating the jump- maybe you even throw a rock or two off the edge to see how long it takes for the rock to hit the water- and thinking to yourself… ‘this is crazy’… and then, when you jump, you have that THRILL, the scream, and then YOU DID IT!? once you step off, you are committed! You are in, 100%.

That is kinda how I have been feeling!


And guess what… i have jumped! I’m in!  I want to invite you along for the ride! This is going to be an amazing journey- different than it’s ever been, — I love all the experience that I have to draw from- as well as KNOWING what is the MOST important to me. it's a whole new ball game!

There is much to come… so just so you don’t miss a thing, head over to my website  www.heidiswapp.com  and sign up to stay in the loop!  I also have an ‘official’ fan page on Facebook… so ‘LIKE’ me, and we can keep in touch!

I have so much to share…so much in store… I’m so excited. (a little scared). But it’s a good idea to do things that scare you sometimes!




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