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in the house.

in the house.

Wow, here we go… by now you are wondering what this  ‘house of 3’ is all about….
Let me start out by telling you the obvious, I AM SO SUPER EXCITED!!!!  What you are about to witness is a collaboration of some very creative minds and tons of inspiration.  As with anything you are either moving forward or you are falling behind, and House of 3 is our answer to take things to the next level.  I realized that in order to move forward and continue to grow creatively some changes had to be made:
1.    I wanted to learn new skills
2.    I wanted to consider alternative options for creating, sharing and inspiring
3.    I wanted to collaborate with people whose strengths were my weaknesses and who fundamentally inspire me

The scrapbooking industry has been a huge part of my life (and my family’s) for the last 10 years and in that time I have seen it mature and evolve and grow even to a global level.  Technology is not only changing the world we live in but also the way we remember the events of today.  This technology encompasses not only the way we create, but the way we communicate, inspire, share ideas and information and it is about time  I learn to be creative with the new possibilities that this technology makes available.

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I am not going to try and define House of 3, because I truly believe it can and will become any and everything that we hope, dream and create.  It will certainly evolve from here but this is the place we call home.
Welcome to the House of 3.
If you have already seen the video below, then you know that I have teamed up with 2 women that I admire and who inspire and compliment what I have to offer. We make a powerful team.  You know Rhonna Farrer as one of the most amazing digital artists out there… I love her funky, sassy style- but even more I love her happy/take the world by storm personality.  You know Janet Hopkins thus far as the education coordinator for the Heidi Swapp brand and surely have seen the sparkle of creativity in her eye. She has a way of balancing and unifying.  The mixture of the 3 of us combines a unique and fantastic set of possibilities.
The Heidi Swapp brand of products is not going away, however House of 3 will provide the platform to kick it up a notch! Smile… so excited..!

Ok, so … go check out the site…
There is some cool stuff in there for everyone!
Check out the BLoG Couture (you have to love my new BLOG look!) You can choose from a bunch of GORGEOUS blog backgrounds, and headers to compliment! (SO CUTE)… and all new digi designs from THE Rhonna.. she rocks… There are tutorials on all the stuff you can buy… so check those out for more info! if you have never added blinkies or backgrounds to YOUR blog… now you can! and if you don't have a blog…well, you SHOULD!
We’ll be adding stuff to the site all the time… so you need to jump on Twitter! We’ll be posting the additions all the time… (are you on twitter? So cool)… if you are on FACEBOOK… come and be a ‘fan’… we’ll be sharing inside info, special coupons codes and stuff like that to our facebook people! (just to warn you, facebook is addicting! So be careful!)

But just to get in the LOVE spirit, be sure to check out the cute HYBRID- totally printable valentine book! We have some cute little tidbits to get you jump-started on your Valentines creations! Keep in mind, this is a WORK in PROGRESS!! IMG_3224



Is just the beginning!
We’ll keep you posted.

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