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in the mood to create?

in the mood to create?

so now that the stress of christmas is officially OVER… the kids are occupied with new toys… the fridge is full of left-overs… so you don’t need to cook for a couple days! (yea, right…) are you in the mood to get creative?? maybe win some stuff?
there are 2 contests going on that i wanted to blog about in case you didn’t know or if you were totally over the edge getting ready for the holidays when they were posted… maybe now you are ready to think about a challenge!

the first one is a contest that we put together to associated with the December Club Heidi Kit… i believe there are a few kits left if you didn’t get one! and if you have one… or just even have some of the contents, you can enter! the rules are here… contest rules so go check that out… there is some good stuff you can WIN!

the second contest is for Creative Escape… We are on the hunt for our 8th teacher! we are looking for someone fabulous that is waiting to be discovered! we need someone that has done some teaching on a local level, and  loves to teach !! you can read all about it on the CE website.. but there are some pretty fresh perks….in the form of cash AND fame!! LOL… we’d love to see what you have to show! and if you know someone that you think is AWESOME, and a great, inspiring teacher that you have had classes from… be sure to tell them about the contest, and convince them to enter!!

Good luck! we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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