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Inspiration To Create an Art Walk Journal

Heidi Swapp Art Walk Collection | Journal by Jamie Pate

Inspiration To Create an Art Walk Journal

It can happen one of many ways. It can be a podcast, or a message, or even a book text I read, and I think, ‘this needs it’s own journal’. It can be the simple need for space to just free write. Or, it can be inspired by pretty paper and the want to create and layer and add words. The creating of a journal as a paper crafter needs not much motivation to be crafted. It just wants to be made.


Heidi Swapp Art Walk Collection | Journal by Jamie Pate


And so you have it: a most recent Art Walk Journal. This journal, in all honestly, came to fruition because of that large text white on black pattern paper that is part of the Art Walk 12×12 Project Pad. It was becoming a bit of a hoarding issue. To that end I just had to use it. I just had to pull that pattern paper from its project pad, and just make a journal.

Here are a few ideas I employ around the idea of a handcrafted journal:


1. Be inspired by pretty paper to create a DIY journal

We have all been there. That one pattern we love so much. We don’t want to use it. So we hoard it. I call shenanigans on that! Make yourself a journal. Simple. Complex. It does not matter. And use your favorite pattern as the cover or inside. And then you will always have it with you. Bonus! You CAN have your paper and use it too.


Heidi Swapp Art Walk Collection | Journal by Jamie Pate


Speaking of being inspired by pretty paper, here is another thought in the guide to creating a DIY Journal:

2. Use those scrapbook skills to make it your own

As seen here on my cover page for this journal, I literally could not help myself. I took to cutting foliage with dies. I used the Art Walk Alphas as a mini title. The Definition Stickers are playing a huge role here in the journal and adding emphasis to the theme. I just do my thing. Use what you already love about paper crafting and give them a home in a journal.


Heidi Swapp Art Walk Collection | Journal by Jamie Pate


3. Add in mini journals to the bigger journal

What do I mean by that? I just added in an off-cut of pattern paper and adhered it inside my larger journal page. This makes for sort of a sub-journal if you will. The inside is blank….or, it’s ready for more paper crafting if that is what I am led to do. The possibilities for making these journals are endless. (That in itself can be a problem, am I right?) So allow these ideas to fuel you to make your own DIY Journal.


Heidi Swapp Art Walk Collection | Journal by Jamie Pate


4. Use word and phrase stickers to emphasize your theme

As I was creating this journal, I kept the Definition Stickers close by. As I was thinking through the topics that were going to be found here, there seemed to be a sticker that was perfect for that theme. This journal here has a very spiritual base to it. It is home to some pretty serious thoughts I have been having on life. Definition Stickers that focus on Joy, or Fear, or the Journey perfectly fit what is happening on these pages.


Heidi Swapp Art Walk Collection | Journal by Jamie Pate


5. Leave blank space

What do I mean by that? It’s a little hard to tell here, but as stated previously, I am using the Art Walk Project Pad. The pattern papers in this pad are one sided. This artful pattern here is blank on the other side. Now, it may hold more interactive pages, and that’s OK. But there is also plenty of space, since I am using single sided paper, for the actual journal part.
OR…don’t use pattern paper at all. And just add in blank copy paper. Again, this is DIY, friends. Do it for yourself as you would like it.


Heidi Swapp Art Walk Collection | Journal by Jamie Pate


And for now that brings us back to the beginning. To what started this whole guide in the first place: my favorite Art Walk pattern.

Use this DIY Journal guide as a model to your next journal. Be inspired by paper that inspires your heart right now. Use those paper crafting skills to add your own detail. Create plenty of space for quotes, thoughts, goals or prayers. And write it down. Even a DIY Journal is a great place to tell your story. If you have heard me say it once, I have said it so many times, however you find a way to do it do this: journal. Tell your story.

Heidi Swapp Art Walk is available at JoAnn Stores

author: Jamie Pate

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