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inspired by australia — etzcetera magazine giveaway

inspired by australia — etzcetera magazine giveaway

this giveaway is now closed. congratulations to Carol B, Jen C, Kristina M and Elizabeth S-S!

i’ve had a chance to visit Australia several different times over the years (a serious perk of my ‘job’) … and i have found that Australia is particularly inspiring to me.  The country and people are both very similar to us here in the United States …. and at the same time very different. There is something about it there- an openness, a freshness … the creativity seems as authentic as the women that I know from there. Truth be told, if I could move anywhere… it would be Australia. (even if they do drive on the wrong side of the road).

those subtle yet valuable australian differences in culture, authenticity and openness always provide me a fresh perspective that inspires me for days, weeks and sometimes months after returning home

Earlier this month, I was featured on the cover of his month’s issue of Etzcetera Magazine, an autralian publication owned by Kim Archer, a friend I met while visiting Australia years ago


….. Kim has this really relaxed, yet amazing style of scrapbooking- I loved everything she did. I remember looking through her albums with her in 2004 and loving her unique personal touches. It was through her album that I met her daughter ‘Capri’. At that time, my Quincy was only 2 and I was sure that 3 kids was enough, but I LOVED the name, (and kim’s daughter is adorable) and I told Kim that if I ever had another daughter, I’d name her Capri! (and I did!) … over the years, Kim has started teaching online classes from her blog. clearly, she has that love of sharing her ideas, and her passion for creativity!

so it is because of all these reasons that I wanted to share with you this issue of Etzcetera Magazine … and I’ll admit that I think she did a fabulous job writing about me in the magazine! I was lucky enough to get an online copy, and I was so impressed with the whole issue!  I am a magazine lover…and I think that I love this magazine for 2 reasons…

  1. this isn’t a ‘scrapbooking’ magazine… it’s like a …creative woman magazine. Even though I consider myself first and foremost a ‘scrapbooker’, I create stuff in all the areas of my life. This magazine features a little of everything I love: parties, gifts, crafting with kids,  and inspirational women- i loved reading about all the creative and inspiring women featured in this issue!
  2. I think that this goes back to my love of Australia… it’s just a little different- and I love that while it’s super similar to life here- (and yay, same language)… through the eyes of this magazine, we get to see to the other side of the world, and experience the beauty of life there. I’m not doing very well explaining it- but I know this is because I have walked the streets and met the people, and it feels Australian to me in the best way possible.  I LOVE that through a magazine like this, I can get a little taste of AU! (even though I wish I was there!)

this magazine is only available online! (you can buy ‘my’ issue here). So no matter where in the world you are, you can enjoy it!  today I get to giveaway 2 gift packs of 5 issues… as well as 2 subscriptions!


to enter to win, simply fill out the tiny form below and we’ll pick all of our winners at once on wednesday march 28th around mid-day. (and i’m sure my friend Kim would love for you “like” Etzcetera Magazine on Facebook too!)

this giveaway has now closed. thanks for playing!

have fun!



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