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instagram desktop flip album / frame

instagram desktop flip album / frame

today i am so excited to share another hearty helping of ‘insta-spiration’, this time… i have a gorgeous ‘off the page’ project created by Lindsay Bateman.  Before you go any further, i have to tell you that the frame that she has used to create this project is .99$ at IKEA!  YES! less that a buck! this is one of the coolest items ever at Ikea! in fact, i have a whole stash of these here at my house just waiting for ‘insta-spiration’ to strike!  🙂

ok, take your time and digest every detail that Lindsay has included in this stunning project! 

lindsay’s instagram desktop flip frame

What did we EVER do without Instagram?  There are not enough words to even begin to describe how much I love documenting bits of my life and my world with this IPhone app.  So convenient, user friendly and super creative…it truly allows you to capture your journey of the everyday.   I am constantly snapping pictures of things that inspire me daily, and I love how using Instagram has really become more like photographic journal for me.  I can go back through my albums and reflect on those memories, thoughts and images that (at that moment) captured my attention.

What is even better is that once your Instagram pictures are printed out, the true fun and creativity really comes into play!

Our Heidi Swapp Media Team Project was to use our Instagram photos to inspire us to create a project  to celebrate these particular memories and photographs.  Instantly I knew what I wanted to make.  Not only did I want to make my Instagrams into a collection together, but I really wanted to have them as an interactive piece that could be used as an inspiration source as well.  Since I love to capture words and images, I wanted something where I could combine and celebrate both.

I do not live close to Ikea, but when I do get the rare opportunity to visit I am totally in a state of energetic bliss. Aisles and aisles of stuff make my head spin with ideas and creative possibilities. What an awesome treat I truly treasure. When I stumbled across the orange Ikea Tolsby frame I just knew that it would be the perfect foundation for my project.  Not only is this frame SUPER affordable (at $0.99), but it also coordinates perfectly with the Heidi Swapp No Limits collection! Truly, a match made in scrapbooking/ instagram heaven!

For the front of the album, I used my Silhouette machine and the Heidi Swapp Champion No Limits Paper to create the Instagram icon for the front cover. Honestly, I think it is the cutest thing.:)  I also used my Silhouette to make the mini banner for the front.

I used a Instaframe as my first page and added my own home made journaling strips to the front.  These were simply created in Photoshop Elements, printed out and trimmed accordingly. My journaling strips consist of quotes and phrases that I adore. I really wanted to give my project a vintage “aged” look so I finished it off with a bit of sanding and Walnut Stain Distress Ink.

For my project, I used the 6 x 6 No Limits Paper Pack.  I trimmed these papers to various sizes, but no larger than 4 x 6.  I then gathered some of the Heidi Swapp Instagram frames and the Heidi Swapp Photo Captions Photo Mats. I also used the No Limits Pennants, No Limits Epoxy Stickers and Heidi Swapp Disco Shapes.

I printed out my chosen Instagram photos into various sizes on my home printer.  Some Instagrams I kept at a 4 x 4 size, others I made smaller into a 2 x 2.  I did not really have an exact plan or idea as to which photos I wanted in what size, I really just randomly printed out ones that I loved and that really inspired me.

From there I really kept my project simple and clean with a repetitive design.  I either used No Limits Paper as my “page” or just an Instaframe. From there on I kept it simple:  Photo + words strips + embellishment.  I love how this theme worked out and really helped to streamline and coordinate the entire project.  This is also probably one of the first projects I have done in a while without using my own handwriting.  It was a nice change for me personally and I love the outcome.  Once I was finished all of my different pages, I punched 2 holes in each top corner of each page with my crop-o-dile, and secured it to the frame using 2 rings.

Another favourite feature of this album for me is the Silhouette photo strip that I had used.  I found it added a really fun element to the project and worked great when showcasing multiple instagram images.  I love the photo booth effect and I think that this photo strip helped to do just that perfectly.

The Heidi Swapp Photo Captions Photo Mats are also a really fun piece.  Not only did they serve as an additonal “page” to place my photos on, but the detailing on the side adds so much more to the project especially since it will be a project that I will place on a desk or counter top that will always be in view.  It is eye catching and definitely adds that “something extra”.

My intention with this project is to use it as a daily reminder.  I love that it will sit on my desk and each day I can flip the page, read and embrace the journaling message and continue to enjoy the Instagram images that I had fallen in love with over and over again.  I think something like this would make a great gift, and is an idea that can be reproduced over and over again for various occasions and any theme (ex. photo-a-day, baby’s first year, christmas count down etc.)

I hope that this project leaves you feeling inspired to print and celebrate your instagram images!  I love how ordinary life can look so awesome! I also invite you to follow me on instagram.

are you planning your next trip to Ikea?? seriously… how awesome was that…?  c’mon back tomorrow – we aren’t done yet!

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