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instagram layout with hidden journaling

instagram layout with hidden journaling

Happy Monday! i am in LOVE with today’s installment of ‘insta-spiration’ created by Kim Jeffress…. 

the ‘insta’ part is just that… real life, in the moment, and capturing what is happening NOW!  i find that as we are going about our day… my littles quite often will say “mom, instagram this!”… they love seeing their photos in my feed, and they love looking through the photos in my feed.  it’s funny to me that as 5,6 year olds, they know all about ‘social media’.  

Instagram is such a tangible, real way to tell stories! I love this story that Kim captured, as well as the beautiful layout that Kim created!  Below she  explains in detail a little ‘secret’ that this layout has! Check it out!  i bring you: ‘the case of the mistaken identity

kim’s instagram layout with hidden journaling

Don’t you just love instagram! So quick, so convenient so instant. If you have not joined and you own a smart phone I do encourage you to  as it’s such a cool feature to add some fun edits to your photos. Personally I use Instagram to share photos of my everyday life with family and friends. Its like catching a slice of life right there on your phone. I also use it to connect with other like minded creative people- sharing the projects I have been creating and gaining inspiration from theirs. It’s such a buzz to see images from all over the world right there on your phone and to be able to interact with them by leaving comments and have that reciprocated it’s just COOL.

Today I wanted to share a project I created using some recent photos I took on my iphone of my youngest son. He had just had his face painted (as a dog ) by a friend and when I  took these photos and later uploaded them to instagram I was struck by how old he looked, he was not my baby any more! I decided to add a vintage filter with a soft almost sepia tone, I thought it suited the photos perfectly. Some friends left comments and they mistakenly called him a lion, hence my heading “The case of Mistaken identity”

When I am creating a layout using Instagram photos I tend to always use a grid design- I think the square photos lend themselves well to that.For this layout I started off with a piece of the Sugar Chic Drama pattern paper and used that as the base of my layout. I then laid out my photos, keeping my main photo large and the supporting photos smaller. I then filled out the rest of my grid with pattern paper,a Vintage Chic notes journaling card and a Mini Instaframe.

I am a big believer in adding journaling to all my layouts, it helps tell the story and in years to come the journaling will help me remember exactly what that memory was about. You may ask where my journaling is on this layout. I created a little bit of hidden journaling behind that journaling card using some magnets. The journaling card lifts completely off the layout to read what is written underneath.

Of course no layout is complete without a heading. I created a little Word Art and printed it out on some Vintage Chic worldwide pattern paper. I then slipped it into the Mini Instaframe and closed it up with some double sided tape.

Would you like to find out how to create that hidden journaling?

hidden journaling photo tutorial

1. Start with two small magnets, I got mine from the hardware store.

2. Grab a Vintage Chic journaling card and trace around the edge onto the back of some coordinating pattern paper.

3. Cut out the shape from the pattern paper.

4. Ink the edges of your journaling card and the pattern paper.

5.Using some strong liquid adhesive,  glue the magnet to the back of the journaling card.

6. Lay out the main elements of your design and then mark and measure where your journaling card is going to go.

7. Take your journaling card and adhere the pattern paper that you have cut out back to back with the journaling card. ( your magnet is now sandwiched between the two pieces)

8. Remove all your elements and turn your base over. Using a ruler measure out and mark where the other magnet is going to go.

9. Tape the magnet to the back of your base using double side tape or washi tape.

Turn your layout back over and place the journaling card onto the layout where the other magnet is, your card will hang freely and you will be able to take it on and off as you like.

I look forward to seeing your projects using Instagram photos I would love it if you would follow me on Instagram Kim Jeffress

Be sure to Follow kim on Instagram here. – and join me here tomorrow for more Insta-spiration!


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