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instagram photo magnet frames!

instagram photo magnet frames!

With school getting ready to start, and summer coming to an end, the inevitable cleaning out of all the drawers, and assessing what clothes fits, and what needs to be thrown out, and given away…and cleaning out behind the dressers and under beds! Along with that huge clean out, we realized that in preparation for all the lovely artwork and stellar papers that would be coming home from school—capri and connor (who share a room) would each need a magnet board so they could display their school work.  Once we got the boards hung, we went in search of cute magnets… and found none! So, I decided to just hot glue magnets on some of the stuff that was retrieved from under beds and behind the dresser!

These were among what I found for Connor: army guys, eraser and a ninja.

For Capri, I found a cute Hello Kitty figure, and she found this cute bird and hot pink cameo in my scrapbook stuff.

So, as I had magnets on the brain, and displaying some of their favorite photos… I got thinking how cute it would be if I took my instaframes (the vintage, the colorful and the minis) and create photo magnet frames!

I started out with one of my very favorite instagram photos that I had printed, and I tucked it right inside a vintage instaframe. I was totally lucky this week and got a bunch of the brand new Pink Paislee collection—I just LOVE these chipboard stars and arrows that have a tiny bit of print and resist.

I misted some ribbon, stars and an arrow ‘tropicana teal’ Color Shine, and some Color Magic banner delights black. I added these really cool tabs and glitter letters from Pink Paislee (I am in LOVE). as final touches, I added the ‘super fun’ from my new buzz words, and some ‘liked’ stickers, sentiment stickers and colorful labels!

The fun thing about this piece is that it was taken on the day that we went to Lagoon (a local amusement park-a family fav) for my mom’s bday. I know that this would be a really fun reminder of that happy day, and she’d love to have this on her fridge!  So, once I had it all done, I simply stuck a self-adhesive business card magnet on the back! and tucked it in a clear envelope/bag.

Well, now I was hooked!

I decided to create one that reminded me of our amazing family vacation this summer- so I combined a vintage instaframe with a mini and again added some Pink Paislee glitter letters, a big chipboard arrow (misted mint green)  and tab… as well as some neon tape, colorful label, one little banner delight and some ribbon misted with ‘mint green’ Color Shine.

While I was on a roll, I wanted to create a set of frames for Capri’s magnet board of her recent birthday! We had a family bday party, and I arranged for a shaved ice truck to come by. This one just makes me happy!

I picked 4 frames- colorful frames and mini frames, and chose photos for each. Then I hot glued them all together and went to work ‘sprinkling it with fabulous’: sunshine trimmings, sugar chic banner delights, and pennant. The ‘fun’ is from the NEW Pink Paislee artisan collection- they come a very neutral cream color, and when I added my ‘mint green’ color shine, it tints the artisan material a soft version of the super intense color. It was perfect!  I wanted to be sure that there was plenty of magnets holding it- so I cut 2 business card magnets in ½ and stuck one on the back of each frame.

Capri will LOVE having this memory on her magnet board!

While these are SUPER CUTE magnets… combining the frames in this way would also look fabulous on a scrapbook page! These kinda just made my day!   Take a look at those photos on your phone, I’ll be you have a few that would be fun hanging on the fridge, or make a great gift for grandmas and teachers etc.   print out a couple photos, and make pretty stuff!

(all my NEW product, and Pink Paislee’s new product will be available the first week or so of September! About 2 more weeks!)

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