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Instant memories for GIFTING!

3 Ways to document memories in an instant! Instax albums by @heidiswapp

Instant memories for GIFTING!

i just can’t believe that the holiday season is here… but it is! time goes into a warp and this is about when  all my “gifting good intentions” kick in! basically what this means, is that I like to promise myself that THIS Christmas will be different, I won’t leave things until the last minute, I will be more thoughtful, and start early on some of those handmade gifts!

even after all these years, my family still loves to receive photo and memory gifts. you can never go wrong with giving the “gift of memories”…


i’m here today to show you how you can make AMAZING memory gifts, that are quick, and easy and look fantastic in a short amount of time!


Fuji calls these photos: Instax prints and the cameras that make them are Instax cameras… but i call them “INSTANT MEMORIES”! these are the best! and they make people SO HAPPY!


there are 2 ways to get the photos:

1. you can use an Instax camera and snap a pic

2. you can use the photos on your phone, and print them with the Instax share printer

i actually have and use both, so it just depends on what works best for you!

my Heidi Swapp Instax Collection is really designed to catch your Instax photos with style!  you might display them in your home or office or place them inside albums… there are SO many options! let’s talk album ideas!


from a holiday standpoint, you could either give an EMPTY album and allow the recipient to fill the albums with their own memories… or you can gather, take photos about your recipient, and present them with a completed personalized album!


new to this collection are these Filler Cards that include frames, stickers, journaling cards and pattern and title cards… they come in little cases that card decks usually come in.  these cards are KEY to making this process really easy! there are a few different kinds of Heidi Swapp INSTAX albums available, so lets talk about 3 of them:


there are 2 different sizes of “insert” albums, and multiple styles that are this same approach. these have little compartments that fit the Instax prints perfectly to  fill the albums. i like being able to supplement the photos with the cards.


these are the perfect place to include stories and funny memories! creating these albums is SO fast! i like to put little stickers directly onto the photos, as well as layer the frames over the photos – they are designed to fit right over the frame on the Instax picture itself.


i also have had fun putting the little cards and even the photos right into my typewriter, to give it some variety and add to that nostalgia that these photos seem to evoke!


this second style of album is really different from the first, and offers such an elegant simplicity! the albums are the same size, but inside this version has a hidden spiral binding and a combination of vellum and cardstock pages.


there is complete freedom when it comes to adding photos here! and as you can see you aren’t limited to using Instax photos… i chose to use a combination of Instax plus 5×7 and 4×6 photos from a recent family shoot. i still used the insert cards, frames and even the washi tape (the washi is found in the calendar kit; it’s a combo pattern washi and i LOVE IT!)


i love the depth and beauty that a simple vellum page holds! i played up that layered effect throughout my album, but still it didn’t take long to get stunning results!


check out this short video that showcases these albums in a bit more detail… take a look, and if you aren’t already a subscriber… SUBSCRIBE NOW so you don’t miss a thing!

take a few minutes to get INSPIRED! and consider how you could create these very simple, and inexpensive photo albums as holiday gifts for friends and family! trust me, this is a gift that will be unique, individual, from the heart and UNFORGETTABLE!

these albums can only be found at Michaels stores… and if you act quick, i believe you snag them for 40% off the entire collection this week!




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