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Instax by the Ocean

Instax by the Ocean

My favorite summer tradition is a week long beach vacation in Newport Beach, California! We have been going to the beach every year for as long as I can remember, and it’s seriously my most favorite thing. The weather is always perfect, and I have to admit it’s the most CHILL vacay that you can imagine (especially with a whole house full of kids)! We usually rent a different house every summer but always within a block or so of the beach and within walking distance of the closest grocery store.


From SLC, it’s about an 11 hour drive to the beach! I love the familiarity. I love the ease and simplicity. There aren’t very many places that we go that everyone is totally content to play on the beach all day! This year, we rented a house with my parents and siblings. We had both levels of a 2-story house, and it fit our family perfectly! Eric’s siblings also came to the beach at the same time, so it was a combined total of all the people we love in our favorite place!


Every year, I take some of my most favorite photos while at the beach! I basically wish I could just press pause on life while we are there! It really is a little heaven on earth as far as I am concerned! This year, I took a few Instax cameras and gave them out to family members, and invited everyone to take instant pics all week.

HS_instax2 copy

As the week progressed, it was so fun to see the stack grow, and the photos turned out so awesome! It’s definitely a different kind of feel than a regular 4×6 photo and there is a really unique nostalgic vibe captured in each image. Maybe because the image isn’t particularly perfect, or sharp like we are used to from the super advanced SLR images, there is a little room to reconstruct each image with your own thoughts and feelings.


I sat down each day for just a few minutes, and tucked the photos into one of my Instax albums, along with some of the little insert cards.


This is the perfect solution for memory keeping on the fly.


The insert cards come in a little plastic card case which is perfect for traveling with. Each case holds some journaling cards, decorative cards, stickers and little instax frames. I usually like to lay them out on the table surface and figure out all the spots for my mini album “spreads” before I actually slide them inside.


I kinda grouped these shots more by their visual quality, rather than something chronological… I feel like they all capture the moments that combined to create this amazing week that we had together.


These little images are one-of-a-kind. You can’t really re-print them… or get “doubles”. But that is also part of what makes them so special.


These aren’t the only photos we took at the beach.. I still shot w/ my SLR, and my iPhone… I also took my GoPro which takes some amazing shots! So, I guess you could say that I wasn’t going to miss anything! And pretty much that is the closest I will get to freezing those moments in time!


You can find my Instax collection of products at Michaels stores… whether you are tucking them into a book, hanging them on a lit banner or displaying them on a shelf or at your desk… instax prints have an amazing way of capturing all the feels!


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