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interactive scrapbook pages

interactive scrapbook pages

My favorite books to read to my kids have the little doors that open, and  flaps and spinners and slide out tabs — they are so fun and interactive!

From the very beginning of my scrapbooking ‘career’, way back when I was honored to be chosen as one of the CK Hall of Famers (2000), I liked to incorporate interactive components into my scrapbooking.  I love to have hidden pockets and extra photos or journaling tucked somewhere unexpected. I have gone to great lengths to add interaction to my pages including building my pages into foam core board or sewing myself ‘custom’ page protectors…

This week’s episode of Create to Remember on My Craft Channel focuses on one interactive element, and I demonstrate how to incorporate it into a card, a mini book and also a scrapbook page! here some projects featuring interactive components:

this has a little book that i made by sewing papers to the scrapbook page

on these- you will see that i made a pocket behind the photo – in the second shot, you see the journaling pop out along with an old photo.

this is the scrapbook project I show in the My Craft Channel episode…

and here is a card w/ the same technique:

Do you live near the San Jose, CA area? I’ll be making something that uses this concept to make this cutie little mini at Scrapbook Island at the end of this month!

Fun! If you are in the San Jose area… be sure to check out the line up for March 31.

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