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it's helping!

it's helping!

ok, so i shot this photo of connor this morning, and he is the best subject! i asked him to sit by the window, and he just held still… unlike capri!
as you know, i have been taking this online photo class by Karen Russell... if you can get in… i totally recommend it. i love her style…….i am loving the online thing. i only have a small amount of time that i can really focus on anything.. i feel like my brain can’t keep up with life.
i haven’t blogged in a long time, and i was trying to go back and remember what part of life has been swirling out of controL!? what in the world have i been up to?
i guess just life.
today, eric and i went in for meeting with Quincy’s teachers- mostly the chinese teachers. i sat there listening as they told eric stuff…thinking ‘this is crazy’. she was showing us all this work, all in chinese… quincy’s writing and her math, again all in chinese… and i wasn’t sure if i wanted to laugh or cry or what. the kids are doing great… and they are happy, and to my surprise… they can totally understand the jibberish (what sounds like jibberish to me) that their teachers are saying. Quincy came home last night with an art project with all these chinese characters written all over it… i asked what it said, so she read it to me in chinese… and she told me, and it really didn’t mean anything, she was just doodling! (can you imagine doodling in chinese at 7 years old?)
i love it. i am so proud of her.
as thanksgiving is here, (i can hardly believe it)…i am so thankful for so many things that i never even knew i could be thankful for. things that i just took for granted, and things that have enriched my life- and i just can’t imagine my life without.
family .. of course
new friends… so glad that we moved, and got to make so many new friends. old friends, that have been so good at keeping in touch, and loving us despite our crazy lives!
new language, new foods, new challenges that require you to dig deeper, and rely on the Lord with more faith and hope.
so thankful for having to ‘make do’ and be creative within the confines of my ‘non-target’ life-style!
so thankful for modern technology of magic jacks, video conferencing, email and overnight shipping! even online banking and all that…it’s just amazing, that i can be here, and yet… just not feel that far away!  i think about all the opportunities, experiences, lessons and enlightenment! fun memories… laugher and tears.. and so amazed as i look back and see now the lord’s hand in my daily life.  and so thankful that we get to go to Australia next month! (can’t wait… waving to you all!)

i have sort of been reminiscing about all the different memories of thanksgivings of the past… i think that my favorite ones were the thanksgivings of college days, where you left- went home…leaving all your studies and cares behind, went to the comfort of everything you are living without at school, and hang out in your sweats eating your mom’s good cooking and SLEEPING! man, that was the best…
i can imagine sitting around the living rooms of my mom’s, grandma’s and other family members…all those ‘comfort’ memories… and while i don’t have that this year… my heart is just as full, maybe even more… as i contemplate how very, very blessed we are.
this year we will be celebrating with friends that feel like family now… i got a real jenny-O turkey (it was pricey!)… and i am making the old standbys…
but my FAVORITE recipe is this one.. i think i have actually blogged about it before:

YAMS and Apples:
6 med yams
3-4 apples (peeled, cored, sliced)
1/2 c butter
3 T. cornstarch
1 C. sugar
1 t. salt
2 C. water
2 T. lemon juice

Boil yams- peel,slice and layer-alternating w/sliced apples.
On the stove, melt butter, add cornstarch, sugar, salt & blend well.
add water, and cook until thickens. remove from heat, and add lemon juice.
pour sauce over yams and apples. Bake @ 350 for 1hr.

if you make it, be careful when you drive wherever you go.. i swear we have spilled it in the car every dang year.

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