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it's wed, and you know what that means!

it's wed, and you know what that means!



It’s WEDNESDAY… which in addition to being ‘pizza’ night in
our household… it’s WEBSHOW night! I am happy to say, that I am quite ready for
tonight’s webshow! no scrambling (wink)…


Tonight is SPECIAL because we are UNVEILING a new
collection…….and it’s fabulous! I have seriously been in heaven playing around
with it:


House of 3 presents: FALL JUNQUE! (look at this for starters!) this has been so fun!



SO, we are kicking it off tonight, so I am not going to give
away too much here… but I would like to INVITE you to attend LIVE tonight! I
have received a few emails from people confessing that they have no idea how to
watch! SO, I am guessing that there may be a few more of you out there that are
wondering the same thing!


Here is a run down of how it works:

#1 it’s free

#2 it’s an hour

#3 at 7pm Pacific Time/10pm Eastern it’s LIVE

#4 when you log on during the LIVE hour, you can CHAT…or you
can just read the chat. Admittedly, the chat can be a little overwhelming! But
quite informative and funny! We LOVE the interaction and it’s a totally
different experience when we are LIVE!

#5 all you do is go HERE … we broadcast on Ustream, that
link will land you right on the show page, and you can watch.  If you want to CHAT you need to create
an acct. and log it.

#6 the show is FULL of ideas and how-to…it’s really fun!

i can't wait to show my Back to School Study Hall creations!


magazine holders, magnet board, decorated portfolio and notebooks, inspiring frames, and a 'what i am reading now' easel…with Glimmer MIST!……….(do you have an ikea near you?)

#7 we will be giving away some FREE STUFF for the LIVE


I think that is all the main info…


As for next week… and this is important:

Creative Escape is in a week, and Janet, Rhonna and I will
be there together and putting on a party in the Crop Room!! There will be NO
webshow on Wednesday because we will be broadcasting LIVE on FRIDAY night at
9pm Pacific from Creative Escape! 
We have some secrets and surprises planned … so plan on joining us then


Don’t forget to check out the great deals offered by my Blog
for this week…


Have a GREAT day!

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