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jan 24…

jan 24…

I can’t believe it’s January 24th. I woke up super early this morning with my mind racing- I jotted my thoughts on a notepad and went back to sleep! When I woke up, I didn’t understand a thing that I wrote! Either I have to be more careful, OR.. they weren’t really any good ideas, just dreams of good ideas! OR… I should just get up and get to work!

It’s SUCH a beautiful day!  A beautiful day to get my DRYER fixed. (I need a big line to hang my clothes on, right Chanel?)

I have a full and busy week planned – we are off to LA for CHA and you know, I think that we are going to be ready! I am really excited!

Sneak Peeks on the Pink Paislee Blog have started… today is not the House of 3 stuff, but I think you will LOVE it!!

IMPORTANT NOTE:… due to CHA this week, we will not be having a webshow on Wednesday night… but we’ll be back NEXT WEEK : FEB 2 with a fun and exciting VALENTINES day show!


and… there are just a few more days to sign up for the "Mouse, Paper, Scissors" class… actually, i am not sure what is the last day to register, but i think it's pretty soon, because we are actually SHIPPING kits and we have to get serious about that… the class STARTS on Feb 21…….you will LOVE this class, and be AMAZED at all you will learn! and how much FUN we are going to have! it's just going to be SO fuN! here is another little sneak peek at one of the projects we'll be creating! there are SEVERAL projects that you will create in the class… some are quick and little, and some are a bit more involved! but you will LOVE them!

i call this a "hybrid" class… which some may not really know what i mean by that: basically- it means that we start at the computer- creating all the bits and pieces- then we get the designs OUT of the computer and use them to CReATE…. mini books, cards, labels, gifts, decor … not to mention all the HOW TO!! and you will be AMAZED at how EASY and F U N it is… you may be seeing some "HOUSE OF 3" favorites… just wait until you see all the House of 3 goodies included with the class! Jessica and i have been having a blast creating all the content for the class… she is SO awesome- i just adore her, and admire her! anyway… i really recommend this class! so worth it!



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