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at the beginning of the year, i had a most amazing opportunity to team up with Jessica Sprague and together we taught fabulous online HYBRID class at jessicasprague.com.  we had the best time!! we had a WONDERFUL group of creatives in our class…we had some learning about how to mix our styles and use technology and  experiment with different video formats etc…i got to know how things work in sprague-ville and got bit by the bug of improving my own photoshop skills! We got together again for MPS mom and MPS dad… where we made projects to give on those important holidays! i loved having that hybrid component! it is an exciting way to learn-

we have both rec'd so many emails and requests to do another Mouse, Paper, Scissors class that INCLUDES a kit- so we have ANSWERED THE CALL!!!  and we are SO excited! we have been putting this class together since july… the kit is AMAZING!! and in our 2 1/2 week class (november 14-30) we'll be creating 5 projects that are geared to actually GIVE AWAY! the class is called "Mouse, Paper, Scissors: GIVE"

every project will be created fundamentally in Photoshop or Photoshop elements- and then we'll be taking what we create digitally- and then print them out and create something you can touch and feel, and wrap in pretty paper with a bow and give it to someone you love (you will have to LOVE them A LOT to actually GIVE them one of these projects).. you are going to LOVE them so much!  These are proejcts that you can re-create and will learn new skills and techniques both digitally and hands-on that will totally inspire and thrill you! Even jessica has been learning NEW things that she will be passing on to YOU! i can't wait!

As i mentioned, this class INCLUDES a FABULOUS kit that will be shipped to you with *almost* everything you will need to make all these projects (really all you will need to add is some white presentation paper or cardstock). the kit ALONE is worth over $55!  with products from companies like Pink Paislee, Ranger, Tattered Angels, and all kinds of finds that we have scoured the internet to compile in this awesome kit!

ok- so… here is the deal- for the first 200 people that sign up for this class, you will get:

1. your kit will be shipped in the very first batch-

2. your kit will include 2 adorable pieces of FAB JS.com SwaG: a 'grab a cold drink' drink cozy (it's so cute) and an adorable shimmery silver JS bag.

Photo 1
Photo 2
sooo… act fast!

edited HERE is the link to the class description and to register!

go and check out her site: www.jessicasprague.com and i believe there is even a super awesome introductory price for the kit- i am not totally sure how long that price will last- but check it out: 

5 projects, $55+ class kit with exactly what you will need to make the projects, +all the video instructions as well as written, full photo instructions, all the digi art that you will need = 5 beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts, plus all the know how, plus ideas you can re-create and give again and again! 


1. you need to have photoshop or photoshop elements and a printer (you don't really have to have a printer, you can print at office supply stores like i do!)

2. the class will be taught in a group format- where all students will have access to a class blog and forum that is always mediated by awesome JS.com staff. …HOWEVER, once you buy a class on JS.com you have full access to that class, and all the videos and downloads forever! so even if you only complete ONE project during the class- you can come back and catch up when your life permits!

you will LOVE this class. jump on board! it's going to be magical! i can't wait!




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