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july 7, 2010

july 7, 2010

it's a big day today- this sweet little boy turns 3.


i feel so many emotions when i think about this guy growing up… but the MAIN emotion is HAPPY! he is my baby. i think that we both know, that he always will be. and i must say, the Lord knew just what He was doing when he sent this precious blessing- just 11 months after Capri arrived… i'm sure if you are a mother, (or even if you aren't) you know the thoughts that were going through my mind when i discovered that i was pregnant just 2 months after giving birth (to my 4th). however, every day since he was placed in my arms, i knew that he came at just the right time. what a light. what a joy- what a blessing. what a perfect addition to the preceding 4. 

on one hand, i can't believe he is 3! and on the other…i think, man, has it ONLY been 3 years? one thing is for sure.. it's been a FULL 3 years!

so, this last 2 weeks, i had a couple bad days- various things were stressing me out- normal stuff… but there was one day in particular, and i can't remember which day- but i had a meltdown, and i was crying. Sweet Connor came into my room, where i was slumped on my chair, and stood right next to me and said, "mommy, are you happy?"  what do you say? i think that my first reaction was " NO!!, i'm NOT"… he asked again, and again, until all i could do was scoop him up in my arms and tell him, "YES, i'm happy!". and he was satisfied, and scurried off. 

this little interaction got me thinking, mostly about how happiness is a choice. and how poignant that question is… "mom, are you happy?".  i realized that i am happy for lots of reasons, but mostly- i am happy when my family is happy.  HENCE… that is what i decided to focus on this week for my 3 scrapbook pages that i'll be sharing TONIGHT (WEDNESDAY WEBSHOW)… yea, it's wednesday- (already)… 


just remember… tonight the show is at 8pm MST. and i should warn you: there is glitter involved!

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