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june 19 is…

june 19 is…

father's day… your favorite guy… it might be your DAD, or your husband…maybe even your Son or brother…. could be a friend, or an Uncle, whoever it is…. he'll be a LUCKY guy!  Jessica Sprague and i have worked together since the first "Mouse Paper Scissors" to teach both the digi skills and the crafting skills and secrets to create all kinds of amazing projects. we made cards, envelopes, labels, mini books of many shapes and sizes…and even a most gorgeous mirror! our Mother's Day projects were fab… and i LOVED giving them to my Mom! of COURSE we couldn't NOT, not have a 'Mouse, Paper, Scissors…DAD'. 

this class is ONE project…it's a mini-book constructed with file folders and duct tape!  there are some fun surprises inside that will make it memorable and meaningful!


this time, the class is heavy on the digi side! TOTALLY customizable… really- you could make this same project for ANYTHING-  everything from the cover, to all the quotes, words, and photos inside will be YOURS…it's a great style of book that will be pretty QUICK to make once all the digi work will be done! (which is different from the Mother's Day project, which was more technical on the paper-crafting side)… we'll be learning and mastering all kinds of cool PS and PSE skills… we'll be focusing on:

Photo collage*brushes (making your OWN brushes)* playing with typography*photo actions

SO……for $18, this is a killer deal with TONS of digi and papercrafting skills, an awesome set of digi products.. NOT TO MENTION-something unforgettable and one-of-a-kind for dad… Registration starts on Monday, May 30th and class starts June 6th… and Father's Day is June 19!! this class will be self-paced, so you can do it all in one day! or, take as much time as you need!  Be watching www.jessicasprague.com– if you aren't already, sign up for her newsletter updates.



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