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june… GONE

june… GONE

I forgot how QUICK a 9×9 page goes… especially with a 5×7 photo! this photo was taken Scrapbooks, Etc. in mesa w/ a bunch of my favorite people that I got to hang out with while I was in AZ! My sister, Katie (the one on the left), even flew down from SLC to play for the weekend… she is going to be a volunteer at CE, so that was awesome! I love hanging out with her. She is pregnant!!! So I am going to be an aunt again! A girl friend’s page is always the perfect place for that yummy chandelier stamp (top left). I am amazed at what a blip june was. Flew by…
The 29th was my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary! I am so impressed and inspired by them. I can remember when I was young, and they had their anniversary… I didn’t really think much of it! Since I have been married, I have marveled at what a great marriage they have…and what an accomplishment each year is! I am so thankful for their great example, and how hard they work at keeping each other in that top-priority position…they totally support each other’s interests and are always thinking of each other first. It’s funny, cause when I talk to one, they are always considering the other. I am thankful for their dedication to each other.  It was so great having them in our home for 3 whole weeks. I am a firm believer that grandkids need to be around their grandparents.


And to the Aussie girls out there… I have created a new blog and posted infolkj about my December trip… the dates are posted here:

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