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junk drawer

junk drawer

do you ever forget that you have stuff, and it’s so fun and exciting when you come across something that you liked at one point, but forgot about?! well, i have been enjoying A LOT of help in my studio from Capri and Connor. (A LOT of help)… not the good kind of help… more like help destroying everything. Connor loves to pull out all my little cans of spray paint and shake them. i tell you, he can hear the ‘ball’ inside there and it just torments him that he can’t get it out. Capri loves pens, so she likes to pull out pieces of perfectly good 12×12 cardstock, and trace her hands on them w/ my good pens. UGH.
i came into my studio this morning, after getting the big kids off to school, to find the babies DEEP in one of my more precariously organized embellishment drawer.. photo corners, beads, and all manner of chipboard and ghost.. brads and buttons were lovingly disbursed all over the floor. it was a true joy to behold.
(i hope you are picking up on my sarcasm)!
anyway… as i was hastily picking up, before the carnage could continue, i found a few things that i forgot about, and i thought… i owe a few thank you cards.. so i picked out just a few little things, and decided to spend an hour creating. just what i needed. so w/ connor back down for his morning nap, and capri perched up on my scrapbook table next to me, surrounded by scraps of paper,  and inks and everything else.. i just whipped up a couple cute cards, and practiced taking deep cleansing breaths.
here is what i picked to start out with:
some paper scraps, a glossy accent from the dream dining room line… a blast from the past, i love this book paper tape. and this cute tag, and 7gypsies card… a chandalier crystal.
this is what i came up with… i added one of my new 6" clock face overlays, and a mirror bird that i sanded a little, and added some glitter, and a little jewel eye.  i had fun with this one. i cut a circle that was the exact size
of the clock portion, and adhered the clock right over the opening i cut using Ranger glossy accents that i LOVE for all uses w/ clear stuff. i roughed up my mirror bird w/ sand paper and added a little glitter, then i positioned a few items inside the card so that i would like how they showed through the window. i like how it turned out! i stamped the word ‘treasure’ w/ a 2nd bump- by this i mean… if i want a really light stamped image, i will ink my stamp, and then stamp on a scrap paper, THEN stamp on my project… and usually that 2nd bump is just right for a subtle image. it turned out great.
this next card, i used the ‘enjoy’ glossy accent and added some Art Institue glitter (fossil to be exacty) after i sanded it a little. i added a little chandalier crystal to the bottom of the enjoy piece, and threaded some tulle through.
i sewed a couple journaling spots in the inside, so i could write a little note.
since i was on a roll, and capri was pretty occupied with learning how to use an edge distressor, i made one last card… a thank you for quincy. she is such a great help to me, and really appreciates when i make her stuff. she saves it forever, and even displays it! i should give her stuff more. i really love the look of the felt pieces, especially mixed with a little stiching. i also used a big bazzill polk a dot brad.. i LOVE these! i made one more little card that i posted on the Create ’08 blog if you want to see it… turned out cute too!

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