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just a little inspiration!, a lunch recipe and an announcement!

just a little inspiration!, a lunch recipe and an announcement!


It’s Wednesday already, and so far so good on the productive week! feeling good, but needing to catch up on some sleep. Nothing really makes up for that.. and I am just feeling slammed. But it’s a good slammed…I like feeling like I am getting somewhere on my to-dos. (mini spring banner)

Thanks for all the awesome comments on  Liz’s work.. I will be selecting a winner tomorrow morning (wed. March 4. if you want to enter to win click here)… that just totally made her day..week…month…etc!

Over at ‘houseof3.com’ we have been adding to the House Warming party, by posting a project a day… I was needing a calendar, so I was working on designing one, and decided that maybe you might need one too! They turned out really cute! There are 2 types of kits available: digital and printable. If you have purchased the sunny backgrounds.. they will look SO cute layered on these… you can see my finished projects here.
I have been needing some serious inspiration… and I feel like everywhere I look I just see bursts of yellow! (and not just in the ‘house’). When I am in the full-fledge designing mode, my family has to put up with the fridge transforming into an inspiration board. I used to have this HUGE magnet board in my old house. Man, I miss that so much! And I do have one by my computer.. it’s just not quite the same. Anyway… yesterday came time once again to fill the fridge…I am just SO loving the bright colors… pops of yellow and well, everything j.crew! I love how inspiration just oozes into your sub-conscious, and becomes part of your design process…so this is part of my tactics. And I am loving where it’s going.


i love this too!

Everyday, I have been thinking more and more about what are the things that make my house a HOME, and I have been making an effort to take photos… I am getting some funny stuff. So here are a couple to share today!
I get A LOT of help doing dishes. So that is really appreciated. NOT! They love the bubbles.


Over the weekend, eric made homemade corn chips. Have you ever made homemade chips? Man, SOO yummy! And SO easy! Combined w/ a little homemade salsa, we were feeling right at ‘home’.  In fact, for lunch today- he made me up some ‘chicken nachos’..


Here’s what you do:
Cook up some chicken breast, and then shred or cube.
Mix w/ taco seasoning according to the package instructions, and then add some sour cream and cheddar cheese.
(you get this awesome chicken mix for tacos, salads etc…)
but if you layer it on chips, melt a little more cheese on top, and then add salsa on top of that… wowsa, SO GOOD! “try it, you’ll like it!” (yo gaba gaba)

Have you ever checked out ‘SCRAPBLOG’?…



TODAY our House of 3 Marketplace went live!  Scrapblog is  a place that you can create digital scrapbook pages, save them, share them all over the place, create slide shows, embed you tube videos into your scrapbook pages.. and basically do digi without having photoshop, and all the skills needed with it! it’s SO easy, and TOTALLY FUN!


Ok, well there are a bunch of super cool other designers that have their products in there as well… Cosmo Cricket, girls from Designer Digitals, Anna Griffin, Rhonna Farrer.. just to name a few. You buy credits.. and when you buy something, you always have access to it inside scrapblog. So I just was playing around with it this morning.. you can see what I created! You can edit your photos, and resize, create layers… and in the House of 3 store, we even have some sanded edges and cool borders, frames, corners… yuM! And it’s just a start… so check it out! you can share it direct w/ facebook… so I have started a photo album on my facebook page w/ the 3 pages I created this morning just to give you an idea how it works. Quincy can’t WAIT to play around! … and the boys too!
I think that it’s just SO COOL to have lots of ways to be creative, to capture your memories, life, art.. and YOU!! I think that you have to try not to define yourself as a certain type of ‘scrapbooker’… all the tools, technology and NEWNESS that happens… it to be played with, and enjoyed!  So, I’ve said it once, and I will say it more… TRY SOMETHING NEW!! whether it’s a printable… a new blog background… (a BLOG for that matter!!) a scrapblog.. a facebook account… you will LOVE it. it’s so fun to learn and try something new.
So… another super long blog post. Yikes.  I think it’s IDOL tonight! Yay!
As I mentioned, I will be announcing Liz’s winner, and I have another cute artist to feature tomorrow!

  • Danielle

    4 March, 2009 at 7:55 am Reply

    Heidi you are so right about trying something new! Even if you never try the thing again you can say I did it and it sparks such creativity! I’ve become obsessed with HO3 and now I will try Scrapblog 🙂

  • Tifany D.

    4 March, 2009 at 9:56 am Reply

    Do you just cut up corn tortillas and bake them for your chips or do you do something else? Please share :o)

  • tirzah

    4 March, 2009 at 4:31 pm Reply

    So…do tell how to make the homemade corn chips.

  • djktcv zhxj

    2 April, 2009 at 4:20 am Reply

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