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just a little recap… and by little i mean HUGE

just a little recap… and by little i mean HUGE



Creative Escape kicked off for me –really- last Monday (10
days ago) when i packed up and drove out headed for Arizona!  That morning of course was the first
day of school for the big kids at our house! Everyone was super excited…


Emily Waters was joining Capri, Connor and I for the 12 hour
ride… which went quite smoothly, and I was thankful that I could take whatever
I could shove into the back of my car and not worry a smidge about overweight
bags! I did stick around until school got out so I could  hear how everyone did on the first day!
it’s hard to believe I have a child in Middle School- he loved every minute of
it! (wonder how long that will last)


Finally on Tuesday afternoon we arrived in Phx just barely
in time for my haircut… (yes, I am still emotionally attached to my Arizona
hair stylist, and YES I went SHORTER!!) 
Wed was a set up day, and miss Janet arrived . I had Capri and Connor at
the hotel and they got to meet a few of the ladies that were taking advantage
of the Bazzill Bus tour. Seriously, those ladies were hauling around with a LOT
of bazzill cardstock that they purchased by the pizza box when they went to the
warehouse.  (which reminds me… I
really needed a bazzil warehouse stop myself when I was driving my car!! I KNEW
I forgot something)

Thursday morning was the real kick off! The place (wild
horse pass) was a buzz with scrapbookers! So many familiar faces… it was so
great to see everyone! the hotel is absolutely amazing—it’s just perfect for an
ESCAPE! It just feels like you are entering a new world when you walk through
the doors… the staff is remarkable! Every year! Janet and I were working on
setting up the House of 3 Crop Room with 36” balloons that were holding up
turquoise banners topped with doilies. So cute… Rhonna arrived about noon to
wrap it up right as registration got underway…



The Creative Escape VIBE was a little different this year!
SO sophisticated… and I LOVEd the turquoise… (almost teal really)… everything
from the new bags, lanyards, name badges and every other little detail was just
gorgeous!! so much goes into pulling it off… and this kudos goes to the Bazzill
Team! They are relentless, and you have never met a group that works so well
together.  To Carol, Mona, Lisa and
Frani… i would give you each a standing ovation! These women are so capable,
talented and fabulous! Thank you each so much!

We always have a crazy busy Technique Boutique, but this
year was over an above! I think that between making “yo-yo’s”, rolled flowers,
Making Memories Necklaces and this amazingly fancy heart for Pam’s class OH,
not to mention a full on class from Tattered Angels and Cookbookin’… it was a
FULL afternoon that attendees needed to also make some time to come in and
visit with the teachers in the Trunk show…  to top off Thursday evening… the “BOYS” of Creative Escaped
performed for everyone and definitely lit the crowd!! I have the video posted
on my facebook wall- so funny! Totally unexpected!  During the welcome ceremonies… the teachers were presented
with these amazingly sparkly aprons… I don’t think that any photo will do the
fabric justice! I seriously felt like I was playing dress up all weekend while
I was wearing my apron! Gorgeous! thanks to Scrapbooks ETC (and Michael Miller

After the welcome, if you had a little more brain power
left, Jessica Sprague and Rhonna Farrer offered up a FREE digital brush class
(free.99 as Jessica would say) and it was absolutely mind blowing as
usual!  2 just fabulously amazing

I must say, that I was so proud of myself… because I went to
bed before midnight! This was a HUGE achievement for me!

Both Friday and Sat are class days- 4 classes each day for
each student… so everyone is pushed! Each teacher this year was SO unique and
different in what she brought to the table! These are beautiful and talented
women… I have been impressed with them for so many reasons, and I am so
thankful to each one of them for all they did BEFORE the event… as well as at
the EVENT!  Each one of them has
taught me and influenced me in a different and significant way!


Claudine was invited to come and teach a strictly TECHNIQUE
based class.  and I LOVED learning
how to use her products in such unique ways.


Jessica was invited to inspire us, and introduce us to the
POSSIBILITES! She created a pre-class that each person could take online and
learn how to get 12 photos on one page, and create perfectly cropped circles…
she they whipped up a clever HYBRID project that is perfect for the holidays!


Pam Black was one of the teachers from our very first year,
and this is a woman that will amaze you every time! her desktop scrapbook was a
super intense class, with all kinds of little WOWS that you can use over and
over! I love that


Margie offered up her traditional comic relief! She is a
crack up of course.. but everyone LOVED the personalized necklace they created
in her class… the Scarlet Lime Beads were such a delight! I think that what was
the most fun was that it didn’t have to be a wearable necklace, but could also
be a home dec type fun necklace to put on display.


Teresa did what she does best… she created a mini book that
showcased all the things she is grateful for. It’s full of TERESA! And she puts
so much heart into all she does…and then blings it up!


Maggie is a photographer, but also an amazing scrapbooker… I
think that it’s important to be reminded to WORK to get fabulous photos, and
hearing good ideas and someone else’s perspective on photography just improves
our skills! I had so many people coming to take my photo, and practicing their
new skills and ideas.


Trisha LOVES to teach, and she is good at it! she created a
very ambitious project because she just loves to share her ideas… and her
passion. it’s just something that you can feel! She has been a glimmer mist
lover from the beginning and it was so much fun to see what this girl does with
a cardboard box!


My class was sponsored by my friends at House of 3 (me and
janet and Rhonna)…and since our products are digital for the most part, it
meant that I had the chance to create whatever I wanted that was EXCLUSIVE to
Creative Escape
. I wanted something sweet and beautiful…I chose to use the
Spring Junque Collection, and make something that would make a wonderful gift
as well as something you’d love to have hanging where you could see it. I loved
teaching it! (I always think it’s going to be much faster than it really is)  {you can buy a kit here}

Friday night after dinner (a fabulous sit down dinner)… we
had what we call the “Friday night Extravaganza” it’s an extra class where
students got to make a Magnet board… by Friday night, everyone is so tired, but
at 9:30, us House of 3 girls broadcasted a LIVE WEBSHOW direct from the EVENT!!
If you want to take a peek inside the event you can click here to see! It was
so much fun, but I will tell you this- having 80 or 90 people in the ‘live
studio audience’ made me SO nervous. I think you could tell I was nervous!


The ending is always the best part of Creative Escape.

And this year was no exception. not sure if it’s the fact
that we just go ahead and eat DESSERT FIRST, or if it’s the tremendous
generosity that is exhibited by the many, many sponsors that donate gifts for
our raffles or the AMAZINGLY gorgeous and personal mirrors that were created to
raise money for our Charity of choice: the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society… or
the heartfelt and inspiring Keynote presentation that was given this year by a
woman that amazes me … Jaimee Rose.  

THANKYOU to the Wild Horse Pass… we love you!

THANK YOU to the sponsors… we love your products and all
that you give and offer to the industry and just to US (speaking for crazy
scrapbookers everywhere)

THANK YOU to each and every one of you that willingly
decorated and donated your time and talents for the Mirror Project. I know a
little something about the pressure! Wink… they were beautiful and inspiring to
look at!

here is a peek at my mirror… i quite love it! taken w/ my phone.. (how lame am i?)



THANK YOU to Jaimee.. for making me think, and reflect and
filling me with the desire to make magic!



for putting up with all of us! and bravely leading us, and for swimming in a
synchronized way.

CAROL for all the things I know you
did, and for the MILLION of things I don’t know you did! Thanks for keeping it
real, and steady and happening!

MONA for making it look gorgeous!!

FRANI for your happy happiness… and
always knowing where to get stuff, and where people are and taking care of
whatever needs to happen!

LISA for everything ELSE!!! Cause you
are the one responsible for everything whether it was up to you or not! You are
just the person that makes SURE! And we love you for that… we all love you for


.  it is really one of the best
stores ever!! And scrapbookers just love to spend money on new stuff!


Sidenote: all I can say about the room drop gift is:  OMGSH………..wow!

So it’s Wednesday now. And I am still feeling a little exhausted.
It took a couple days to drive home and I find myself SO behind. Yikes. And while
I am so tired, and feeling a little overwhelmed, it’s so worth it! so great to
see old friends, make new ones, and be filled from the inside… be reminded WHY
we spend so much time and energy scrapbooking… cause it is important and
fabulous and FUN!

There are lots of rumors flying about next year…and I am not
corroborating anything… YET!


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