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just a look!

just a look!

here are some peeks of my first day of touring around. we stayed here in Suva, which is the city that my folks are actually living in, although they travel around the islands on a regular basis to fulfill their responsibilities in the auditing department. dad told me, as we flew from Nadi to Suva it was their 44th flight so far. We got a look into their daily life and where they work. we went down town to do a little sight seeing and shopping, and had a Family Home Evening with an amazing family- and it was just so fun to get to know them!


this is the view from my parents' flat…it has been a massive downpour all night, and so we got a real understanding for why it's so green!


this is my folk's office in the LDS service center… an amazingly beautiful building that is quite new- lots of people keeping the church running smooth here in FijiIMG_4761


this was one of those places w/ tons of little stalls to buy the same thing over and over! but it was a great peek into the cultural relics for sure!

some of the old colonial buildings- transformed into any and everything!


a native guy all dressed up for the benefit of the cruise ship in town! he was super nice…



downtown was full of every kind of shop- loved the crazy signs and busy streets… they drive on the left side of the road here, and that is always hard to get used to- knowing which way to look to cross the street!!



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