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just a week away!!

just a week away!!

CREATE ‘o8!!!

I am leaving in ONE WEEK FROM TODAY for Australia!! If you are joining at any of the Create ’08 or Retailer Only events, please check the “Create ‘08” blog… and be sure that you have all the stuff on your list to bring! I have added a Retailer supply list, and also requested that everyone adds ‘wet wipes’ to your supply list. We will be doing a ton of inking and stamping, and you will need them!

Do you have any scrapbookers on your Christmas list? Or need to give any ideas to people who need to buy for a scrapbooker (YOU)…  there are still some Creative Escape 2008  Idea Books available! The book is awesome, and has full step by step instructions and tons of inspiration! This year, we did something totally cool as well, we added some exclusive *FREE downloads onto the CE website, and there you can get elements that we created specifically for the class, that you can’t buy anywhere, and will allow you to create the projects! And actually, maybe you could just buy the book for yourself, and  MAKE the projects to give away (then everyone wins!) chuckle. ALSO, on the Creative Escape website, we have posted little video clips from each of the instructors… so you can totally watch and get a feel for what the class was like.. it’s the next best thing to actually being there!  you can pick up the CE book at www.scrapbook.com (just search Creative Escape idea book). it’s only $14.99.  it’s totally worth it… and who couldn’t use a little more fabulous inspiration!
Speaking of CE… we have been meeting, and all the teachers have been invited! It won’t be long until we will be releasing that information as well as the sponsors! I can tell you one thing… I will be teaching again this year! (wink!) and guess who else will be? it’s a great line up… start saving!

one more thing…and this is another thing for your CHRISTMAS LIST… something to GIVE or something to put on your little list that you are hinting. no one never knows what to get ‘mom’…

so maybe you have heard about how things went at Creative Escape this last year… something quite unique happened… you may, or may not know.. that at CE on the last night we have a fancy sit-down fabulous dinner, and that night have a ‘keynote’ speaker. each year, it’s been so totally amazing and the speakers have all had us in laughter and tears… well this year, we did something that was unprecedented… and unique, only because of the unique package that Jason and Kollette Hall have to offer. First, we invited Kollette to be a teacher for CE.. she is awesome and articulate, and we were really excited when she agreed! then the more we got talking and brainstorming on who to use as a keynote, we knew that utilizing the two of them, as a dynamic duo would be PERFECT! they had just been doing a little bit of work together through Big Picture Scrapbooking, and Jason- in his work, is a life coach, motivational speaker- and workign together what they had to offer CE was just exciting. we were all thrilled!…  as you know now, Kollette and Jason are expecting their first child, and when we had preview day… it was a critical time in that process… so Kollette didn’t come and present, so we weren’t totally sure what and how her class was going to run –so i don’t know if we were really prepared, or knew exactly what the 2 of them – the power that comes when they work together! if you don’t know much about Kollette… she is all about focusing on the GOOD in your life. which really.. is what scrapbooking is all about! the book that she taught was a year long project called ‘the good book’… (you can make one too if you buy the book, see above!) ok, so Kollette had Jason in with her, for 8 rotations over 2 days and together they provided both scrapbooking inspiration, but also the kind of inspiration that starts the creative process… that inspiration that happens inside. that makes you want to live with more intention, and more hope and more everything! Unfortunately, i had to teach my own 8 rotations… but all i heard was raves and people just so effected! (i was soo pleased, and feeling totally jipped by not being in there to experience it myself). Saturday night, culminated the best CE so far! such good vibes, such good people and women that all share that common bond of cherishing what is the best about our lives! … and after we raised TONS of money ($12,000)  for Breast Cancer by giving away a cruise, and Bazzill kicking in a bunch… and then a shocking impromtu auction for Tim’s shirt.. ( you can read more about it here)… Jason took the stage and delivered such an inspiring, and life-changing address… that left everyone filled to the very brim with emotion and renewed desire to ‘look for the good’…. i heard so many people talking about it after… wanting that on their ‘i pod’ to listen to over and over.. to remember. wanting to capture the way that felt, to be there that night. that is how i felt too!
these are the 5 things that he asked us to remember:

  • 1. See the good. [wet pants or dry shirt]
  • 2. Believe the good can be a reality.
  • [little Nathan said, “let’s teach Jason to walk”]
  • 3. People who live the good life – serve.
  • [depression and gratitude are oil and water and cannot exist at the same time]
  • 4. Keep trying. [$20 linoleum story]
  • 5. Find the champion inside!

now why am i telling you all this? and what does it have to do with a christmas present? You may or may not know that Jason and Kollette are teaching the year-long online class at Big Picutre Scrapbooking.  it’s called ‘a life well crafted’.  go and listen to their introduction.. the summary of what they will be offering. they are doing it in a really unique way… it’s not just for scrapbookers.. they are even offering a monthly ‘audio’  version for only $18/month.. this would be so great for your folks, your teen… YOU… your spouse… this is something that will influence, impact and effect your life in such a way, at a time that we all need to truly look for the good, and focus on what we have instead of what we don’t!  take time to download the sneak peek of the montly categories that they will discuss. (kinda gives me chills).
then check out kollette’s blog (  www.kolettehall.wordpress.com)
and Jason’s blog (www.jasonhall.wordpress.com) 
i am enrolled, and i am so looking forward… i have really missed the ‘conciousness’ that i had in 2007 as i did my year long class… ‘a year to remember’… this will be so good, and i am really excited. i think you can’t afford NOT to give yourself this little source of goodness!

ok, wow that got really long! but i KNOW this is going to be amazing. if you have never taken an online class, NOW is the time to dive in.

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